Stryde vs Peloton: Which Bike is Better?

Stryde vs Peloton: Which Bike is Better?

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Have you been struck by the exercise bike craze? Many are quickly realizing we are in the golden age of home exercise equipment. There is now more premium at-home exercise equipment that provides a studio-like experience than ever before.

What’s even better, exercise bikes are leading the way. With innovative brands pushing new technology like Peloton and Stryde, there has never been a better time to dip your toes into cycling. The health benefits of cycling cannot be disputed. After all, there have been countless studies that showcase the efficacy of cycling as it relates to health. Studies have shown that indoor cycling can improve aerobic capacity, blood pressure, lipid profile, and even body composition [1]. Needless to say, it’s a worthwhile exercise.

This article will be comparing two of the heavy-weights in the industry-leading the charge which is Peloton and Stryde. In the end, you should have a good idea of which bike brings the type of experience you’re after.

Features Overview: What Stryde and Peloton Bring To The Table

Stryde’s Key Features

an overview of the Stryde bike

  • Magnetic Resistance

The Stryde bike comes with 100 levels of magnetic resistance. Therefore, you will get a premium and smooth riding experience. This is a must with any indoor cycling bike because you don’t want something that will be too noisy.

  • SPD Pedals

This bike comes equipped with SPD pedals with toe cages. This is another must-have for any cycling enthusiast. After all, you want to be able to clip in your SPD compatible shoes to give yourself a premium riding experience.

  • 21.5-Inch Full-HD Screen

Stryde packs its exercise bike with a very impressive and immersive 21.5 Full-HD screen. Because it’s Full-HD, it will provide 1080p resolution for a very crisp picture and overall viewing experience. The tablet features 16GB of internal storage along with a mid-range processor and 2GB of RAM. It’s not a powerhouse, but it certainly gets the job done.

The screen also has (2) speakers providing ample sound for media viewing and access to a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting wired headphones.

You will also be able to connect Bluetooth headphones as it supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Peloton Key Features

an overview of the Peloton Bike

  • Magentic Resistance

Both Peloton bike models come with magnetic resistance with mechanical adjustment. This makes it extremely easy to keep track of your resistance levels and to adjust them on-the-fly. As mentioned, having magnetic resistance is a must for a premium riding experience because it keeps noise levels down and it provides a smoother riding experience.

  • Delta-Compatible Aluminum Pedals

Each Peloton bike comes with Delta-compatible aluminum pedals. Peloton features a premium pedal that can be used with any 3-hole or Delta cleat. This is a good option for those that have already invested in a pair of Delta cleats.

  • Huge and Premium Display

Peloton offers two different models. The base or basic model comes with a 21.5-inch display that features a Full-HD resolution (1080p). Whereas, the Plus model features a 23.8-Inch display at Full-HD resolution (1080p). This means, with Peloton, you are getting an increasingly immersive media viewing experience. This makes it the more premium option if you are opting for the Plus model with the larger display.

Both Peloton tablet displays come with 16GB of internal storage, but the Plus model comes with a faster processor and 4GB of RAM instead of 2 on the basic model.

The Plus model also features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity over the Bluetooth 4.0 of the base. The Plus model also has improved WiFi capabilities and Apple GymKit integration.

Workout Comparison

Stryde Workouts

  • 30 Classes Added Weekly

With a Stryde bike and a membership, you will gain access to over 30 classes added weekly. You will find classes that are beat-based and those that use choreography. Best of all, you will find classes geared to both beginners and advanced riders. With so many classes to choose from and with new classes being added weekly, you won’t find it difficult to keep yourself heavily engaged.

  • On-Demand Classes

With Stryde, you won’t get access to live classes through Stryde’s app, but you will get a range of on-demand classes that you can enjoy. One of the good things about Stryde’s app is that it features an online leaderboard for its community. They have partnered with some of the most popular indoor cycling studios in the country which means you are getting professional instruction.

  • Works with 3rd Party Apps Like Peloton

One of the killer features of the Stryde bike is the fact that it is open. You have access to download 3rd party apps. This means you will be able to download and use the Peloton app on the tablet if you wish to do so. This can make it a cheaper and more affordable Peloton bike experience because you will get the same premium hardware construction without having to pay the higher price of a Peloton.

While you will be limited in some regard to the seamless integration that a Peleton bike enjoys, it can provide you with a very good experience.

This means you can partake in live and on-demand Peloton classes with your Stryde bike. Along with the ability to install and use the Peloton app, you can install other apps in addition to it.

See all Stryde workout options at their website

Peloton Workouts

  • Live and On-Demand Workouts

With the Peloton bike and the app, you will gain access to both live and on-demand workouts. You will get to enjoy the world-class Peloton instructors whether you want to participate in live or on-demand training. That way, you can get the workout you want when you want.

  • Variety of Options for Different Moods & Abilities 

Not only will you get access to beginner and standard cycling classes, but Peloton has a lot of creative classes that you will enjoy. There are a lot of different classes to choose from including classes that feature a live DJ, classes geared for low-impact exercises, classes that increase endurance, and more.

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  • Different Types Of Classes: Cycling, Yoga, Strength Training and More

With Peloton’s world-class app and experience, you get access to not only cycling classes but classes that delve into all other kinds of fitness training. This includes strength training classes, yoga classes, meditation classes, cardio classes, and more.

You will be hard-pressed to go through all of Peloton’s options when it comes to classes. The app experience alone is far above and beyond what you would get from competing options.

They have so many classes that are useful for those without access to an exercise bike at all.

  • Best Instructors

Peloton has created a big name for itself. They’ve managed to get some of the best instructors working for them. Therefore, you are getting top-tier instruction when you choose to sign up for the Peloton app and participate in Peloton workouts. If you are interested in getting some of the best instructors in the business, it’s hard to say Peloton doesn’t do this the best.

Price Comparison: Is Stryde or Peloton More Affordable?

Stryde Pricing Options

  • The Stryde bike has an MSRP of $1,750. However, it is currently available for $1,595.
  • Stryde’s membership is priced at $29.99 per month. This membership is optional.
  • *These prices current at the time of publication – see current prices at Stryde website.

Peloton Pricing Options

  • The Peloton Bike is priced at $1,895.
  • The Peloton Bike Plus is priced at $2,495.

The Peloton All-Access membership is priced at 39.00 per month. This is a required subscription for the Peloton bike. Therefore, this cost must be included and factored into the price of the bike.

Summary: Final Tips For Picking The Best Bike For You:

As you can see, both of these bikes offer similar hardware features. Stryde is a very compelling option for those looking for Peloton-like hardware.

While the Peloton does have small advantages in terms of having a slightly more powerful tablet, a lot of the other features are the same.

Because of this, it could be a good way to save money for someone looking to have a Peloton-like experience without spending Peloton-money.

However, when you get a Peloton, you do enjoy better compatibility and seamless integration with both the hardware and world-class app and fitness platform. Therefore, if you are going to go fully into the Peloton ecosystem, it may be worth it to many to simply pay money for a Peloton bike.

However, you shouldn’t feel forced to do so considering you can use the Peloton App with the Stryde bike and get a similar experience.

Consider Stryde if…

  • You want to save money and you want Peloton-quality hardware.
  • You will be signing up for Stryde’s app.
  • You don’t have friends and family already in the Peloton ecosystem.
  • You have friends and family in Stryde’s ecosystem. It can be fun to compete against one another on Stryde’s leaderboards.

Consider Peloton if…

  • You have friends and family with Pelotons. It provides a great cohesive ecosystem that you will enjoy.
  • You want seamless integration with the best app in the business. Peloton’s fitness app is the gold standard and it only gets better by the day.
  • You are willing to spend more money on the Peloton bike.
  • You want the Peloton Plus which is the most feature-rich bike available in the marketplace.
  • You want to enjoy a lot of other exercise classes outside of cycling. Peloton includes a lot of different fitness classes that can help you get a complete and total body exercise without stepping foot on an exercise bike.