MYX vs Peloton: Which Bike Should You Choose?

MYX vs Peloton: Which Bike Should You Choose?

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Finding the right exercise bike is challenging. It’s important to find one that is a perfect fit for your home gym, lasts for a long time, and looks the part.

This is where two of the leading brands in MYX and Peloton stand out.

Here is a detailed look at these brands and their various models to see which one is best suited for your needs moving forward.

Bike Comparison: What MYX and Peloton Offer

MYX Bike Key Features & Benefits

myx bike overview

1. MYX Standard Bike

  • Stationary Star Trac Bike

This is a robust exercise bike that is made with relative care.

This is noticeable with the overall stationary design as its steel build ensures nothing rattles even at higher speeds.

The magnetic resistance is easy on the joints and can be adjusted based on what you require at that moment. This adjustability is a major plus point for what makes MYX a leading brand in the first place.

  • 21.5″ Touchscreen

The touchscreen is immersive and provides a beautiful sight for those sitting down and beginning their workout. It is bright, easy on the eyes, and simply offers enough data to make sure there is always something to check while pedaling away.

This is ideal for those who are inquisitive and want to learn more about how their workout is going.

  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor adds to what this exercise bike is all about.

The heart rate continues to shed light on how the workout is going and your overall health. It is quick, easy to read, and allows you to make responsive adjustments to your performance throughout an ongoing workout.

Having this type of control is a must for those who are particular about maintaining a steady heart rate during their workouts.

2. The MYX Plus

  • 21.5″ Touchscreen

This is a gorgeous touchscreen that packs a punch and looks great from all angles.

When you are sweating away, this bike is not going to let you down neither is the touchscreen. It will look impressive from all angles and is going to remain bright in all conditions.

This is a touchscreen that is responsive, easy to use, and perfect for your sweaty hands.

  • 6-piece Weight Set With Kettlebell

The reason for the “Plus” being included has to do with this weight set.

The brand has taken the time to understand that working out is more than just pedaling away. It’s about looking to build a toned body and that is where the weight set comes into action.

You can quickly take out the weights and put in a few repetitions to get the rest of your body active. It is the ultimate full-body experience.

  • Stabilizing Mat

There is a stabilized mat that is included in this version.

The mat provides more control as you are looking to go hard and want to make sure you are getting full value from your time during the session.

Just set up the bike and know it is going to remain in control at all times. You will get a professional workout every time due to this mat.

Peloton Key Features & Benefits

peloton bike overview

1. Peloton Bike

  • 22″ HD Touchscreen

This model has a 22″ HD touchscreen that is quite impressive to look at.

It is beautifully designed and has the perfect colors to look the part as you are working out. If you want something that is refined, bright, and on par with international standards then this has to be the screen of choice.

It is well-sized and makes it easy to toggle through different settings without worrying about whether or not you have sweaty hands.

  • 2×10 Watt Sound System

The sound system is incredible and it is something Peloton has gone above and beyond to maximize.

The sound comes from all around you and it feels immersive. This is ideal for those who are following a workout and want to feel as if they are right there with the instructor.

If that is what you want, it is best to start here.

  • Magnetic Resistance

The resistance is something that is going to be on your mind as you are toggling through different options.

You are going to enjoy being able to make quick adjustments without feeling restricted. This is ideal for those who want to continue to progress during their workouts but don’t want to get off of their bike every time to make adjustments.

This is simple and to the point.

2. Peloton Bike+

  • 24 ” HD Touchscreen

This is a large-sized screen that is bigger than any other touchscreen in this segment of the market. It has a presence and it is perfect for those who are going to be joining the Peloton membership program.

Being able to go through the workouts using this type of screen is perfect.

it is going to give you the boost that you want while learning how to work out the right way.

  • Auto-Follow Resistance

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with the wrong resistance.

Being able to maximize this feature makes it possible to fine-tune how you are working out. It will continue to optimize the resistance levels based on what you require.

This is perfect and it allows you to see top-tier results.

  • 4-Channel Audio

The audio is something that adds to the immersive experience and that is never a problem with the Peloton Bike+.

This bike has a robust set of speakers that provide sound from all angles.

This makes it easier to get into the workout and truly enjoy all that comes along with it.

Workout Comparison

MYX Workout Overview

  • MYX Membership

The membership program is perfect for those who want to optimize their workout sessions.

You get to choose from hundreds of different workouts that are at the tip of your fingers as soon as you sit down on the seat.


You can toggle through the different workouts and choose the one that is best for your session. This is a seamless experience that is right in line with modern standards.

  • On-Demand Workouts

The on-demand nature of these workouts makes it easier to follow along and find the right one.

You can choose through all types of workouts based on what you are hoping to do during the session. This includes building stamina, burning fat, and/or toning up.

Key benefits include:

  • Hundreds of Workouts
  • Ideal for All Users
  • Easy to Access

These workouts have been designed by specialists to make sure you are getting better throughout your workout schedule.

This is a great fit for those who want to follow along all the time.

  • MYX Zone Calibration Ride

There is a calibration process built into how this bike functions.

This makes it easier to optimize your workout sessions and get them to work in line with what you require. This ensures you are getting more value out of the workouts each time.

See all MYX workouts at their website.

Peloton Workout Overview

  • Live Classes

The live classes are a joy for those who are serious about learning from the best.

Peloton continually has live classes running with the help of its instructors. You can join in and make the most of what the instructors are teaching you.

It is perfect if you don’t want to do everything on your own.

  • On-Demand Workouts

There is a long list of on-demand workouts that are available through the app.

Just toggle through the touchscreen, choose the workout you want to follow, and make the most of it right away. It will be a game-changer for you.

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The benefits include:

  • All Types of Workouts
  • Ideal for Full-Body Results
  • Easy to Follow

This is ideal for those who want to work out the right way.

You are going to have the time of your life and it will be a breeze to follow too.

  • Curated Playlists

To further customize the experience, Peloton also offers curated playlists.

This includes a set of workouts that are added to your playlists based on your preferences. This makes it easier to find what you are on the lookout for rather than having to search for it all the time.

Price Comparison: Which Bike is More Affordable?

1. MYX Pricing Options

  • The MYX – $1,299 + Tax + Shipping
  • The MYX Plus – $1,499 + Tax + Shipping
  • MYX Membership – $29/Month
  • *Prices current at the time of publication – see current MYX prices at their website.

2. Peloton Pricing Options

  • Peloton Bike – $1,895 + Tax + Shipping
  • Peloton Bike+ – $2,495 + Tax + Shipping

Summary: Final Tips for Picking the Right Bike for You

When it comes to finding a world-class exercise bike that is immersive, balanced, and easy to set up, both the MYX and Peloton bikes do a good job.

It comes down to understand which fit is best for your home gym.

You Should Pick MYX if…

You are looking for a compact exercise bike that has a beautiful touchscreen, a comprehensive membership program, and comes at a more budget-friendly price.

Ready to get started?

You Should Pick Peloton if you want an all-inclusive exercise bike, a full-body experience, live classes, and budget is not a concern. Learn more at their website.