Horizon vs Peloton: How Their Bikes and Treadmills Compare

Horizon vs Peloton: How Their Bikes and Treadmills Compare

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When it comes to choosing gym equipment, it’s essential to invest in something worthwhile.

This is where a lot of buyers get confused as there are so many options to choose from. The market is full of well-marketed machines that are promising the world.

This is why most people are now starting to look at two key brands in the fitness industry. These are Horizon and Peloton.

This comparison will take a look at what Horizon and Peloton are all about.

Equipment Comparison: What Horizon and Peloton Have to Offer

Horizon Key Features and Benefits

a woman rides a Horizon IC7.9

1. Rapid Sync Motor

It is the motor that is going to offer a seamless experience to those running.

Horizon has spent a lot of time focusing on what people want the most. This includes pinpointing how the motor is supposed to work and the overall value it’s supposed to bring to the process.

Their team has engineered a solution that offers quick transitions between speeds and changes in incline. This is critical when working out as it is not easy to deal with prolonged changes in the middle of a hard workout. This is not a problem with Horizon’s machines.

These are machines that are made the right way and work well between transitions.

2. QuickDial Controls

Just like the motor, it is the QuickDial controls that are impressive.

These controls are designed to be all about safe transitions. A lot of injuries can occur when the changes are not easy to control and/or make along the way.

This is where Horizon stands out because it does focus on this aspect of using the machines.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Use
  • Responsive
  • Fast

Being able to know the transitions are not going to harm you is great. They will provide peace of mind and that does matter during a grueling workout.

Start with this in mind and you are going to see impressive results.

3. LED Console

The LED console is perfect when it comes to providing enough value for you to enjoy the information you’re getting.

This is critical when it comes to performance, efficiency, and general quality.

You are going to enjoy all that comes along with it.

The LED console is great in different lighting conditions and doesn’t become difficult to look at in the middle of a workout. This is ideal for those who are going to be following along on the screen and want to make sure they are gaining access to as much information as possible.

This is something Horizon has thought of and made sure is good.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

It is also important to look at one of the more refined features of Horizon machines.

This would include Bluetooth connectivity as that does matter a lot in this day and age. People don’t want to settle for less when it comes to connecting to the machine and then using its speaker.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Set Up
  • Quick Results
  • Proven

The system is perfect with this brand and is not going to let you down at any stage.

For those who are going to be connecting their device to the machine will enjoy all that it has to offer.

Peloton Key Features and Benefits

a man riding the Peloton bike

1. Adjustable Controls

It is the adjustability that is going to be noticeable right away.

Most people want to go with a machine that will offer immediate adjustments. You will want to tailor the experience down to the last detail and that is something Peloton does well.

The brand has continued to engineer high-grade machines and that starts with adjustability. You are not going to have a lot of trouble adjusting the settings and that is great during a workout.

You can fine-tune everything. This includes the speed at which you are going, incline settings, and everything in between.

For those who are serious about how they are working out, this adjustability does shine through.

2. Shock-Absorbing Running Belt

The running belt is perfect as it is unique compared to other options on the open market.

The reason has to do with shock absorption. You are not going to have to worry about damaging your joints as it will nestle your steps along the wide running belt.

This is good for those who are running longer distances.

The benefits include:

  • Easier on the Joints
  • Responsive
  • Ideal for All Runners

It is the joints that can take quite a bit of damage but that won’t be a problem here. You can use the machine and feel confident in how it is going to work over the long haul.

3. Large LED Console

The LED console is a joy to use and one of the best on the market right now.

You are going to gain access to a 32″ LED console with the Tread+. This is a wonderful option that is going to sparkle as soon as you step onto the machine.

There aren’t too many LED consoles that can keep up with this level of quality. It is one of the machine’s shining features and it illustrates the attention to detail that has gone into making it.

4. Peloton App Access

When it comes to quality and performance, the Peloton App is a winner.

The app is all about efficiency and illustrating how the machine can be used. Whether it is time to hop onto the machine or even go outside, you can always use the app.

This is perfect for those who want to implement a lifestyle change.

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The benefits include:

  • Loads of Workouts
  • Easy to Follow
  • Ideal for All Users

This is an app that is among the best in the world right now.

The app has a little bit of everything including access to world-class trainers. You are not going to be let down as you go through the various workouts that are available.

Connected Workout Comparison

Horizon’s Connected Workout Options

1. Guided Workouts

It all starts with the guided workouts.

The app has exclusive content that is good for those who are selective about what they do during workouts. You are going to have the opportunity to toggle through all of these workouts and choose the ones that are in sync with your physical needs.

This does matter as time goes on. You can tailor everything and make sure the workouts are perfect.

This goes a long way when it comes to doing things the right way. You are going to feel confident in the value you are getting and how it all comes together.

2. World-Class Trainers

The trainers that you are going to have access to will be some of the best on the planet. This is ideal for anyone that is serious about choosing trainers that are the real deal.

The benefits include:

  • Themed Workouts
  • Easy to Follow
  • Never Get Boring

You are going to receive access from trainers that know how the machines work. This is where exclusive content goes a long way.

You are going to feel like they are right there with you and that is a shining plus point.

3. Virtual Running Experience

For those who want to go with a more virtualized experience, you are going to enjoy what the connected workouts bring to the table.

You can integrate Zwift and feel like you are going through the setting itself.

This is powerful and is going to immerse you in the workout like never seen before. It is a powerful way to work out on a machine.

Peloton’s Workout Options

1. Thousands of Classes

The reason Peloton is appreciated for all that it brings to the table has to do with its selection. The content is impressive and you are going to have so much to go through.

There are thousands of classes available for you and each one is going to be unique. This is powerful information that you are able to enjoy to your heart’s content.

2. Complete Metrics

The metrics are great for those who want to immerse themselves in high-quality data points.

You can enjoy all of the metrics that are available to you and it is all going to come together the way you want.

The benefits include:

  • Up-To-Date
  • Responsive
  • Easy to Tailor

Easily toggle through the data points and receive up-to-date information. This is great for anyone that works out to improve their underlying performance.

3. Guided Runs

The guided runs are a real plus point.

You can enjoy going through runs with the help of the Peloton app. This is a lot of fun and can immerse you in a way that is memorable.

Price Comparison: Is Peloton or Horizon More Affordable?

Horizon Pricing overview

Peloton Pricing Overview

  • Peloton Tread – $2,495
  • Peloton Tread+ – $4,295
  • Peloton Bike – $1,895
  • Peloton Bike+ – $2,495
  • Prices current at the time of publication – subject to change at any time

You Should Pick Horizon if you want…

  • Affordability
  • Seamless Adjustments
  • Quick Controls
  • Integration With Zwift
  • Multiple Streaming Options for Your Workouts

You Should Pick Peloton if you want…

  • Durability
  • Well-Integrated App
  • Shock-Absorbing Features
  • Quick Connectivity
  • Gorgeous LED Console