Peloton Rower: Will they Come out with a Rowing Machine?

Peloton Rower: Will they Come out with a Rowing Machine?

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Peloton’s current market capitalization has recently grown by up to $6 billion [1]. As of March, the Peloton community consisted of greater than 2.6 million members [2]. Needless to say, Peloton is perhaps the fastest growing in the entire sector. Peloton did the majority of the legwork required to boost the popularity of connected fitness equipment as a whole. It was only after when a lot of manufacturers looked to cash in on their hard work.

While Peloton has been one of the most innovative and dominant players in the sector, they’ve found themselves falling behind in a certain segment of the marketplace – rowing machines. Unfortunately for Peloton and fitness enthusiasts, it’s one of the fastest-growing segments within the home workout equipment space. Rowing machines have been surging in popularity primarily due to the fact they offer a more efficient and effective workout experience as a whole. After all, with a rowing machine, your body is forced to use many more muscles than with cycling or even running on a treadmill.

However, there has been a glimmer of hope that Peloton is prepping for a launch of their very own rowing machine. This has fans everywhere searching high and low for more news, rumors, and information about it. In this article, we will be going over what we know so far about the rumors surrounding a potential Peloton rower, some of the reasons Peloton would have for releasing their own, and some alternatives you could pivot to if you are tired of waiting.

Peloton Rower Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

One of the main things that ignited the rumors that Peloton might be working on their very own rowing machine came from something John Foley, Peloton’s CEO said. He mentioned that Peloton was working on and currently developing a third piece of fitness equipment but he failed to give any further details or confirmation on what it was [3]. Since then, there has been rampant speculation that it is a new Peloton branded connected rowing machine.

There was more fuel added to the fire when it was discovered that Tonic Fitness Technology had been granted a patent that was directly related to an indoor rowing machine [2]. This was an important realization because they are one of Peloton’s primary manufacturing partners.

While a lot of manufacturing companies seek out patents they never end up using all the time, it generated even more speculation that the secrete new product Peloton was developing was indeed a rowing machine.

Unfortunately, Peloton’s CFO has tried to put some water on the fire to cool down the rumor mill stating they were looking to focus on bringing a lower-priced tread to the market and that the market potential for a rowing machine being too small as it currently stands [4]. She did note that a rower over time could get more interesting.

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Reasons We Think Peloton Could Potentially Release a Rower

  • The Rising Popularity In Rowing Machines

While the market is certainly smaller with rowing machines, the market segment is growing at a rapid pace. It is growing with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.18% [5]. There is no doubt that Peloton will want to enter this growing market sooner rather than later. After all, Peloton should know more than anyone how difficult it can be to break into a market that has a dominant player with an overwhelming amount of brand recognition. Peloton as a brand cannot risk allowing another market player to capture the rowing machine and become the default rowing machine to own.

  • Drive New Users Into The Ecosystem

One of the things that Peloton is changing is the way equipment manufacturers make money. While the majority of manufacturers and brands looked to sell hardware, Peloton approached things very differently. In the digital age, Peloton managed to take their hardware and make it an entry-point into their software and services. They essentially turned their hardware division into a service. Therefore, the more they can blanket the fitness market and attract new users, the more they will be able to sell their Peloton memberships. The equipment is merely a gateway into Peloton’s ecosystem. Once a user is in a particular ecosystem, it’s very difficult for them to get out which makes it unlikely for them to switch to another brand.

  • Benefits Of Rowing Workouts

More and more people are becoming aware of the many benefits of rowing machines. Rowing machines offer users a unique experience that they cannot get with other workout equipment. One of the main reasons it’s so much of a better workout than running or cycling is the fact it requires both the upper and lower body to work simultaneously. According to the American Fitness Professionals Association, a rowing stroke is composed of 65 to 75 percent leg work and 25 to 35 percent upper-body work [5]. Because it requires you to work both at the same time, it can increase the efficacy of rowing workouts which makes it a much more efficient way to spend your time exercising.

  • It’s a Low Impact Workout

Rowing is something that is not only highly effective and efficient, but it is also low impact. Thus, it opens up a lot more potential to market it to older people and people with joint discomfort or inflammation. Running on a treadmill puts a lot of wear and tear on the user. While cycling is certainly a better option than running on a treadmill, it gets beat by the motion of rowing because it allows you to better control the movement and pace of your workouts. It is also much more forgiving if you are rowing without optimal form.

Peloton Rower Alternatives?

If you are someone who has been waiting and waiting on Peloton to release a rowing machine, you aren’t necessarily out of luck. While Peloton will certainly come out swinging like it always does, there are currently incredible rowing machines that offer Peloton-like experiences you can purchase right now. One of the standouts that Peloton likely eyes as its biggest competition is Hydrow. Hydrow has managed to create a very Peloton-like experience with their rowing machine and it is sure to give you that same “wow” factor you get with a Peloton product.

Reasons we Recommend Hydrow

peloton rower alternatives

  • The Rower Itself

The Hydrow is a design marvel. The entire machine is crafted with precision and the machine itself is loaded with useful design elements. Not only does it look good, but the machine is unmatched in rowing performance. It features Hydrow’s very own patented drag mechanism which is both electromagnetic and computer-controlled. Therefore, it is capable of providing the user with a rowing experience that closely mimics what you would get on real water. Best of all, the machine’s operation is practically silent with its industrial-grade webbed strap that glides smoothly.

  • The Hydrow Experience

The experience is the key selling point with the Peloton. While you may be waiting to get that same experience with a rowing machine, you don’t have to. Hydrow has managed to come with its own optimized and immersive experience that is sure to have you on your toes. With the Hydrow, you can take part in live and outdoor workouts where you’ll have the chance to sight-see and workout in some of the most breathtaking destinations and waterways across the globe. To make things even better, the inclusion of the large and immersive 22-inch display with front-facing speakers helps to transport you to these destinations which can keep you actively wanting to workout.

  • World Class Athletes

With Peloton, you may get live classes from highly qualified individuals. However, with Hydrow, you get access to world-class athletes. They aren’t there to perform. Instead, they are there to inspire you and to help you take your fitness efforts to the next level.

A rowing machine can be one of the best investments you can make. While Peloton will certainly get into the market at some point if you aren’t willing to wait you don’t have to. Hydrow has managed to put together a rowing machine package that offers the same Peloton-like experience you’ve come to know and love. Best of all, it’s available right now to order: