Solo Stove Pi vs Ooni Pizza Oven: A New Winner for 2022?

Solo Stove Pi vs Ooni Pizza Oven: A New Winner for 2022?

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Who doesn’t love pizza?!

More specifically, who doesn’t love fresh restaurant-quality pizza? Unfortunately, getting fresh pizza means going out and spending money on restaurant-quality pizza and service.

This can get quite expensive over time. Especially, if you eat pizza on the regular.

However, that’s no longer needed. With brands like Solo Stove and Ooni making accessible and affordable consumer-grade pizza ovens that deliver commercial quality, you don’t need to venture out of your house just to enjoy restaurant-quality pizza.

Nor do you have to invest thousands in building out a brick oven in your backyard. You can invest in a professional-like oven that even delivers added portability for a fraction of the cost.

However, if you’re going to be putting hundreds into a pizza oven, you’re going to want to choose the right one. There is a lot to like about both of these brands and their respective models.

By the end of this article comparing Onni and Solo Stove Pi, you will have a good idea of which of these brands to choose for your next pizza oven purchase.

Solo Stove Pi vs Ooni: Key Features and Selling Points

1. Ooni Pizza Ovens Key Features

a side shot of my ooni pizza oven

With Ooni, you get to choose from a range of different pizza ovens with various features. This article will detail some of the major features you can expect with some of their ovens.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Fuel Options

With Ooni’s pizza ovens, you get to choose which fuel type you want to use. This helps to ensure you have maximum cooking versatility when you are baking your pizza.

With multiple fuel options, you get an authentic taste with modern accessibility and convenience.

To leverage the multiple fuel options, you’ll need to purchase a gas burner to go along with it. For most of the models like the Karu 16 Multi-Fuel pizza oven, you can cook with either charcoal or wood right out of the box.

  • Fast Cooking

The Ooni pizza ovens are designed for convenience without sacrificing quality and flavor. The ovens you will find them selling can bake a standard 16″ pizza in as little as 60 seconds.

This is perfect for anyone that is looking for the modern convenience of being able to pop in a pizza while retaining the authentic taste and experience of restaurant quality.

The oven is capable of delivering this because it reaches 950-degrees Farenheight in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Easy Baking

One of the downsides of baking a pizza in a traditional brick oven has to be the lack of control you have over the entire process. After all, you are going to be at the mercy of the flame’s intensity and heat.

You also don’t know how cooked the pizza is without checking on it. Ooni recognized the downsides to traditionally cooking a pizza and created their ViewFlame technology to help mitigate it.

With a new full glass door oven, you get to watch your pizza as it cooks. This can help you not only see the check crackling and melting, but it allows you to ensure you don’t overcook the pizza with your watchful eye.

  • Better Precision Equals Better Tasting Pizza

As mentioned, a downside to traditional baking is the lack of control. Ooni not only delivers easier baking through a glass door but also with a digital thermometer conveniently on the outside.

This allows you to check on the internal temperature and monitor it effectively while the pizza is baking. You can make quick and accurate adjustments too.

The temperature inside of the oven is so consistent because the oven is made to be fully insulated.

2. Solo Stove Pi Key Features

a close up of my solo stove pi

The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is a feature-packed offering that delivers a lot of value for the money. At a suggested retail price of $624.99 for the Wood Only and $894.99 for the Wood and Gas model, it delivers an excellent value proposition.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility

The number one thing you will notice about the Solo Stove is how easy it is to use. It features some of the most intuitive design features that make it incredibly accessible no matter how new you are to using a pizza oven. The stove is designed with basic functions to ensure you’re always in complete control over the baking of your pizza.

  • Dual Fuel

A major selling point of the Solo Stove is its dual fuel functionality. Having dual fuel compatibility ensures that you get both an authentic taste with modern convenience.

This is one of the major disadvantages of some of the other stoves in the marketplace.

This stove delivers excellent performance because it can be used to re-create a wood-fired flavor experience without having to wait a long time for your pizza to finish.

  • Durability With Solid Construction

The Solo Stove delivers not only excellent performance but equally impressive construction. The entire stove is made out of durable stainless steel.

This ensures that you get a stove that is not only capable of delivering excellent heating performance but also long-lasting durability.

The brand trusts the build-quality of its product by backing every stove with a lifetime warranty.

  • Signature Airflow Delivers Optimal Performance

Whenever you are buying a pizza stove, you want to ensure you’re getting something that can deliver optimal performance. The signature airflow of this stove is both well-rounded and efficient.

It features a Demi Dome construction which means you get enhanced convection every time you bake a pizza.

This helps the stove create a perfectly crisp crust every single time.

  • Portability

An excellent feature of the Solo Stove has to be its minimal footprint.

The stove was designed to fit easily in all of your favorite outdoor spaces. This means you can take the stove with you conveniently on the go.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to use it in your backyard or travel with it to your friend’s house, you’ll be able to pack the stove up and bake perfectly crisp and authentic tasting pizzas wherever you are.

  • Lifetime Warranty

A purchase of a Solo Stove will get you a lifetime warranty.

With every Solo Stove, you will get a free replacement for anything that is deemed defective as long as you’ve purchased the stove from an authorized retailer.

What Kind of Fuel Can You Use in the Solo Stove Pizza Oven and Onni?

1. Solo Stove

The Solo Stove can use both wood and/or gas depending on whether or not you add the ultimate Gas Burner accessory. For the Solo Stove to deliver gas cooking functionality, you’ll need to purchase the Wood and Gas model.

This model will cost around $200 more. For the added functionality, it’s worth the price.

2. Ooni

The Ooni offers a range of different pizza ovens. You can find some that are only gas-powered and some that offer multi-fuel options.

The Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel pizza oven is one of their newer models that deliver multi-fuel versatility. Still, you’ll need to purchase the gas burner accessory for it which is sold separately.

For some of the other models, you will find they deliver single-cooking functionality either being gas-powered or hardwood pellet fueled.

Portability Compare: Which Oven is Easer to Take On the Go?

1. Solo Stove’s Portability Options

loading a pizza in the pi

The Solo Stove Pi is 100% designed to be portable. The stove can be placed on any sturdy and flat surface. Because of this, it can be conveniently moved from place to place.

It only weighs 30.5 pounds.

Therefore, it’s not difficult at all to carry around with you if you’re looking for a stove that you can take camping. It also doesn’t take up too much space having dimensions of around 15 inches in height and 20.5 inches in diameter.

The pizza oven can be so portable because it features Solo Stove’s signature airflow. This allows the oven to deliver well-rounded and consistent convection baking performance.

2. Ooni Pizza Oven’s Portability Options

loading a pizza in the ooni

The Ooni brand has a variety of pizza ovens that can deliver optimal portability. Their Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven might be the most portable.

It only weighs in at 20.4 pounds and has dimensions of 15.6×11.6×24.8-inches. If you’re looking for the most portable pizza oven in the marketplace, this is likely your best bet.

They make their ovens so portable by making the ovens out of stainless steel or carbon steel.

This allows the ovens to deliver quick heat-up times due to the optimized insulative properties of the ovens.

Price Compare: Which Pizza Oven is More Affordable?

1. Solo Stove Pi Pricing Options

The Solo Stove retails with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $624.99 for the wood-only model and $894.99 for the Wood and Gas model. However, you can generally find the oven’s being sold for much less than MSRP.

2. Ooni Pizza Oven Pricing Options

You will find the Ooni Pizza ovens coming in at various price points. They have a pizza oven priced at as low as $349.00 MSRP. They also have premium offerings priced as high as $799.00 for multi-fuel compatibility.

It comes down to how big of an oven you want and the kind of features you want with it.

Summary: Which Pizza Oven is Best for You?

Luckily, both of these brands deliver excellent value for your money. If you want a convenient and portable pizza oven that delivers an authentic tasting pizza with modern convenience, there has never been a better time to be in the market.

Each of these brands has ovens worth considering.

The Solo Stove has a single model that is competitively priced and that comes in both single and dual fuel types. Ooni has more models to choose from and you can pay extra for multi-fuel capabilities.

The Solo Stove is made entirely out of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Ooni ovens only come with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty attached.

However, the Ooni does come with a 60-day guarantee. If you don’t enjoy the pizza within 60 days of purchasing it, you can contact them to get your money back.

You Should Get An Ooni If…

  • You Want More Choice

Ooni does a good job of creating different models that suit different buyers. Not everyone wants the same things. If you want a specific feature that isn’t available on a certain model, you can move on to another one. You have many more choices with the Ooni brand.

  • You Want To Pay Less

As mentioned, you don’t get much of a choice with the Solo Stove. They have a single model with two fuel options. Whereas, with the Ooni, you get to choose from a range of ovens at different price points. If you’re on a strict budget or you don’t want to pay for extra space that you won’t use, Ooni may be right for you.

  • You Want View Flame Technology

Ooni has its own View Flame Technology that makes it easier to see inside of the oven while you’re baking your pizza. This could be a key selling point that pushes you over to Ooni if you value it enough.

  • You Want a Great Pizza Guarantee

With the purchase of an Ooni, you get a 60-day great pizza guarantee. This can give you peace of mind that you’re going to find a pizza that you can get great results with or your money back.

  • You Want Better Aesthetic

As mentioned, the Solo Stove only comes in stainless steel. For those that want a complete stainless steel appliance, this is a good choice.

However, not everyone wants only stainless steel. Some may want a carbon steel shell. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you may prefer how the Ooni models look.

You Should Get The Solo Stove If…

  • You Want An Easier Buying Experience

Some people don’t want to have to go through the hassle of comparing models. Ooni has a lot of models to choose from. Solo Stove makes it easy. You buy the Solo Stove and pick whether you want Wood Only or Wood and Gas.

  • You Want Stainless Steel

While Ooni has some stainless steel designs, the Solo Stove only comes in complete stainless steel. If you want the stainless steel aesthetic, a Solo Stove is a good choice.

  • You Don’t Mind Less Portability

The Solo Stove only comes in a single model. Because of this, you aren’t going to get the same level of ultra-portability you would get with the Ooni range. However, if you aren’t prioritizing portability, the Solo Stove is still portable enough for those that want it.

  • You Want A Lifetime Warranty

A lot of people that are spending so much on a pizza oven are going to want the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty. If you value having a lifetime warranty with your appliance purchases, this may push you towards the Solo Stove by default.

  • You Want Ease Of Use

The Solo Stove features an intuitive design that makes it incredibly easy to bake a pizza with no previous knowledge whatsoever. You can pop the pizza in and start baking with ease.