Ice Barrel Review: The Best Innovation in Cold Water Therapy?

Ice Barrel Review: The Best Innovation in Cold Water Therapy?

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Studies show cold therapy is one of the most recommended options for improving a person’s health. It provides a long list of benefits that are not only good for the short term but also the long term.

It is these results that continue to show why there has been a rise in cold therapy solutions. More and more people are venturing down this path and looking for high-grade options.

One of those options would have to be the Ice Barrel.

This solution promises to offer an all-encompassing set of advantages to maximize cold therapy. Here is a look at whether or not this is the right option for your needs.

What is the Ice Barrel?

a profile shot of an ice barrel and its lid

Let’s begin by understanding what the Ice Barrel is all about.

The Ice Barrel is a fine-tuned cold therapy training tool designed to make ice baths a part of your daily routine. It’s simple, effective, and easy to set up.

The machine is designed to offer a portable and lightweight option, built to last, and offers a comprehensive set of features.

It is designed to allow a person to sit upright regardless of their body type. Just settle into the ice barrel and it will take care of the rest once the water and ice are inside.

Why We Love it for Cold Water Therapy

Cold water therapy is fascinating because it’s natural.

This is a solution that has been used in one form or another for generations. In the past, cold water therapy was done in natural waters to calm the body’s muscles.

Over time, this has been assessed in great detail by certified professionals to learn more about the power of hydrotherapy.

Studies have shown this is an organic way of relaxing the body, improving blood circulation, and healing faster. Whether it is for athletes or the average person, cold water therapy is a great addition that does improve how you feel.

It is these benefits that have made cold water therapy such a wonderful option for everyone.

What You Need to Start Using the Ice Barrel

Before starting to use the ice barrel, it’s important to understand how it works.

The ice barrel has to be set up and filled with water. This allows you to settle into the ice barrel and begin to complete your cold water therapy session.

The premise behind this solution is to offer an all-encompassing solution that is specifically engineered for this purpose. As a result, you can fill it with water and ice knowing the barrel won’t leak and it is going to be easy to drain later.

This is why it is such an intriguing option for those who do want to take cold baths from time to time.

Reported Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

Reduced Inflammation

Cold water therapy is commonly used by athletes around the water. This has been done for generations because it is designed to ease the muscles after they have been worked hard in the gym or during a sporting event.

Due to this, a lot of athletes prefer cold water therapy to remain in prime conditions.

For the average person, it is also a great option to have up your sleeve. You can take the time to settle into the Ice Barrel and reduce inflammation. For those who deal with chronic pain, this can go a long way in easing it.

The reduction in inflammation can be great for those who want to stay as comfortable as possible.

Pain Reduction

An issue some people deal with has to do with pain reduction.

If you are someone that is always suffering from pain, cold water therapy is a good option to have available to you. It makes it easier to reduce some of the underlying pain whether it is temporary or long-term.

Key factors include:

  • Ideal for Injuries
  • Natural
  • Immediate Relief

Just being able to put a dent into the pain makes a difference.

A lot of people just want to enjoy a bit of change when it comes to the pain and they can with the help of cold water therapy.

3. Calming

There is a sense of calmness that comes with ice water on the body. It helps focus as you begin to understand each aspect of the human body better than ever before.

You will become in touch with the moment and that is critical when it comes to relaxing. You want to stay in the moment and cold water therapy allows you to do this easily.

You will settle into the Ice Barrel and immediately feel a change in how you feel. It will help reduce the stress that is on your mind and help you relax a little bit.

4. Activates Nervous System

The nervous system plays an integral role in how you feel during the day.

If you are putting too much stress on the nervous system, this can begin to take a toll on how you feel. This is one of the biggest concerns a person can have because a wonky nervous system can start to impact all aspects of a person’s life.

Key factors include:

  • Improved Focus
  • Easier to Stay Calm
  • Helps With Sleeping

Cold water therapy helps reduce some of the issues that come along with a struggling nervous system. It wakens the nervous system and allows you to gain better circulation in the body.

This is key for those who want to change how they feel.

5. Improved Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is one of those things that a lot of people don’t think about until it is too late.

You will want the blood pumping properly during the day. This is only going to happen when your body is relaxed and you are getting the blood to where it needs to be.

Cold water therapy is great because it does improve a person’s blood circulation over time. If you are consistent with something like this, the change is going to be beneficial and you are going to enjoy the experience that comes along with it.

Any Dangers Associated with Cold Water Therapy?

There are certain dangers to keep in mind when it comes to cold water therapy.

The most common issue has to do with hypothermia. If the body gets too cold, it will go into shock and that is why you have to time how long you stay inside the Ice Barrel. If you stay for too long, this can become dangerous and that is the last thing you are going to want.

It is also important to understand the impact of cold water therapy on numbness in the limbs. If you are not careful, areas of the body will go numb.

This is why timing your sessions becomes a must in situations such as these. You should not compromise your schedule and try to overshoot what you have planned to do.

Pros of Ice Barrel

1. High-Quality Build & Design

It all starts with the build quality of the Ice Barrel.

It has been constructed with a lot of care and that is the first thing you are going to notice. It is made of refined recyclable material that is sourced from America.

This material is perfectly designed to handle all of the stress that is going to be put on it. This includes the cold water and your weight inside the barrel.

It is going to make it look easy and that is one of the main benefits to keep in mind with the Ice Barrel.

2. Works Great for Most Body Types

Let’s assume you are someone that is just getting started down this path.

You will want to make sure things are done the right way and you don’t cut corners. The Ice Barrel is great because it is ideal for all types of people whether you are skinny, tall, small, or large. It doesn’t matter because the Ice Barrel is going to work for you.

Key factors include:

  • Good for Beginners
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Results

Those who are just getting started will want to have the Ice Barrel by their side.

It simply adds a lot of value to your experience and illustrates the true power of cold water therapy. This is ideal for those who want to do things properly without compromising on performance.

Just set up the Ice Barrel and know it is going to work well with your body type.

3. Simple Drainage System

The drainage system is perfect once you are done using the Ice Barrel.

A lot of people don’t like the idea of traditional bathtubs because they are harder to drain. This can lead to issues especially if there is a lot of ice in the tub to contend with.

Most people like the Ice Barrel as it is made for this purpose and is not going to be difficult to maintain. Just go through the cold water therapy session and then drain it in minutes. This is the beauty of a solution that is made with the intention of cold water therapy.

Ice Barrel Cons

1. Takes Time To Get Used To

It is not going to be easy at first and that is to be expected.

You are going to have to take the time to get used to the cold water therapy. This includes stepping into the Ice Barrel, understanding how the cold works, and then making the most of the therapy.

If you don’t take the time to sit inside, you are never going to retain the benefits of the Ice Barrel. This is reliant on you following through with the process and completing your session.

2. Can Be Increasingly Cold

It is going to be cold inside the Ice Barrel and it is going to be an experience that you may not have felt before.

This type of cold can be numbing and you will want to expect this beforehand. It is the only way to power through the session.

Key factors include:

  • Tough in the Start
  • Manual Control of Water + Ice

This cold is tough on the average person. You will not be used to it and you may even want to give up.

If you get past this thought process, you will see major benefits associated with something like this.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Ice Barrel Price: $1,199.97 (Includes Ice Barrel, Step Stool, Barrel Stand, Lid, and Protective UV Cover)

Summary: Final Tips for deciding if Ice Barrel is Right for You

If you are looking at the Ice Barrel as a potential solution then it is a good fit.

This is a solution that optimizes how cold water therapy is supposed to be. You can set up the Ice Barrel within seconds and then enjoy the perks that come along with something made for cold water therapy.

This is ideal for all body types and you are going to enjoy using it.

When it comes to appreciating all that comes along with cold water therapy, the Ice Barrel is going to be your best friend. It works well in all conditions, can be taken anywhere, and will continue to work well for a long time to come.

If cold water therapy is on your mind then it is best to go out and buy the Ice Barrel. This is a winner and a must-have for your setup.