Hydrow Rowing Machine Before and After Pictures + Video

Hydrow Rowing Machine Before and After Pictures + Video

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The rowing machine is our preferred way to workout at TechAwards, but people offer wonder what kind of results you can actually get from consistently using a rower. Seeing real before and after stories is one of the best ways to see for yourself.

The Hydrow is one of our favorite rowers, and one that I use weekly. They offer live and on demand rowing workouts, that make the experience fun, motivating, and can help you get results.

Because they’re one of our favorites, we thought it would be cool for our readers to see some of the Best Hydrow before and after stories, to give you a clear picture of what’s possible.

Our Favorite Hydrow Rowing Machine Success Stories

Mazdak’s Story

Let’s start with Hydrow member Mazdak Merrikh, whose before and after story we found to be especially inspiring. He credits the amazing Hydrow community with helping lose 45 pounds – you can watch his full story below:

Hydrow did a great job interviewing Mazdakyou can read the full interview and see some impressive before and after pictures at their website.

Sean’s Story

Sean’s Hydrow story was another one that we found super inspiring. As a new father, and with the pandemic in full swing, Sean was able to use the Hydrow to hit the 1,000,000 meter mark and stick with his fitness goals from the comfort and safety of home. He also credits Hydrow (our review) with introducing him to other workouts, like yoga – take a look at his results and story below:

Timothy’s Rowing Results

The final story we wanted to share here comes courtesy of Hydrow member, Timothy. Timothy proves that you’re never too old to stay active – as a person in his 70s he’s still going strong and credits rowing for helping to keep him healthy and living a quality life:

More Inspiring Stories

Hydrow has lots more interviews, videos and pictures of their member’s success stories at their website. If you’re wondering the type of results you can get from consistently using a rowing machine, we definitely recommend checking them out – they’re inspiring and eye-opening for sure.

Check out Hydrow’s blog for more before and after stories 

You can find lots of before and after stories by searching for “Behind the Oar”.

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