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FitTrack Scale Review: Is the Dara BMI Smart Scale Accurate?

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When it comes to losing weight or getting in shape, did you know that more than 80% of people fail to maintain their results over the long term? While it seems we’re almost to destined to fail, what if there were a device that made it so failure wasn’t an option. Something that gave you real time feedback, kept you motivated, and stuck with you every step of the way to help you stay on track?

Meet the FitTrack BMI Smart Scales.

In this FitTrack Scale review, our team of experts put their Dara and Beebo scales to the test – did they live up to the hype?

Keep reading to see the results…

What is a FitTrack BMI Smart Scale?

The FitTrack Smart Scale is a BMI scale that does much more than just give your weight. In fact, it provides you with 17 different health measurements, so you get a more complete picture of your fitness and overall health.

What Health Metrics Does the Scale Measure?

the 17 metrics the FitTrack scale measures

Here are the 17 health measurements you’ll get when you step on your FitTrack Dara or Beebo scale:

  1. Weight: Accurate to +/- 300 Grams
  2. BMI
  3. Bone Mass
  4. Muscle Mass
  5. Fat Mass
  6. Hydration Level
  7. BMR
  8. Body Fat Percentage
  9. Protein Percentage
  10. Body Age
  11. Body Fat
  12. Weight Control
  13. Standard Weight
  14. Weight Without Fat
  15. Muscle Weight
  16. Protein Amount
  17. Obesity Degree

How Does it Work?

To get your FitTrack reading, it works just like any other scale. Simply stand on your FitTrack scale with your bare feet, and you’re ready to get your reading. While you’re standing on the FitTrack, a very low grade electrical signal (don’t worry, they say it’s safe!) is sent from the four metal electrodes on the scale.

The electrical scale will then pass through water that is present in your hydrated muscles – the signal stops when it runs into fat, and this resistance level is what generates your FitTrack stats.

FitTrack Scale Accuracy: Are the Results Real?

The resistance measured by FitTrack has been scientifically proven to be valid equations for calculating your body’s composition measures. That means, you should be able to use the FitTrack with confidence, and rely on the measurements and data the scale gives you.

Why Should You Use FitTrack vs a Regular Scale?

an overview of the FitTrack app

Weighing yourself regularly with a standard scale is fine, and can be a great way to keep tabs on your weight. But, if you want a better, and more complete picture of your body composition and other important health metrics, then the FitTrack is the way to go. On top of giving your exact weight, you get access to a number of other health metrics as well.

Here are some other reasons you should considering using a FitTrack over a traditional scale:

  • FitTrack gives you accurate results
  • Been shown to help you reach your fitness goals 8x faster
  • Get a fuller understanding of the various body metrics that you can work on
  • Considered to be one of the most accurate body composition scale in its class
  • Get feedback on 17 Vital Body Health Data Measured
  • See real time progress on areas beyond simple weight readings
  • Can be used with their app and fitness tracking watch
  • Set up daily, weekly, and monthly tracking
  • Use FitTrack app to access easy-to-read charge, and personalized feedback and insights

FitTrack Dara vs Beebo

FitTrack has two smart scales available:

  • Dara BMI Smart Scale
  • Beebo: Family and Maternity Smart Scale

Deciding between the FitTrack Dara and Beebo is a pretty easy decison: If you’re pregnant, or plan to be in the future, then consider the Beebo, as it is designed to also track your baby’s growth. It even has a Baby Mode.

If you aren’t pregnant, or don’t plan to be any time soon, then the Dara BMI Smart Scale is the way to go.

Verified Customer Testimonials

More than 600,000 people have put the FitTrack to the test, and they have a solid body of 5-star reviews from happy customers. In fact, 95% of verified reviewers rated their Fittrack 5-stars.

Here’s what a few of these customers had to say:

Traeannah appreciate the comprehensive metrics her FitTrack provides:

Gabrielle found FitTrack to be a great partner in conjunction wither her WW app:

I bought the BMI smart scale- FitTrack Dara to help me with my weight loss in combination with weight watchers. On a weekly basis I’ve been tracking my progress. It not only gives me a very detailed breakdown on my current weight, but allows me to set realistic goals. Definitely happy I made this purchase!

Catherine uses her FitTrack to provide direction for her fitness goals and routines:

Amazing information that I can use daily to direct my routines and celebrate my achievements. I love this scale. Everyone should have one! Knowing more than your weight is the piece of the puzzle that so many people are missing. I feel so much better about where I am at and what healthy habits I need to work on and those that I have done a good job with.

See more verified reviews at the FitTrack website.

What I Like About the FitTrack Scales

I’ve always been pretty diligent about weighing myself regularly, but I recently started lifting weights in addition to my regular cardio routine. As a result I’ve put on a few pounds, but it’s not “bad” weight…the scale has gone up because of the muscle I’ve added. It’s hard to tell that though using a standard scale, which is what makes FitTrack so useful. With FitTrack I get a full report of many of the vitals I need to know that my health and fitness are staying on track.

By getting a fuller picture, I know that my efforts to stay fit are paying off, and worth it. My FitScale keeps me motivated, and it lets me know when I’m straying from goals.

On top of all that, it’s very affordable for all of the information you get access to, and it pairs great with their fitness tracker.

Price: How Much Does FitTrack Cost?

FitTrack’s Dara scale normally starts at $179.90, but at last check they had discounted that price by 50%. Here are the current pricing options for FitTrack’s smart scales, with discounts applied:

  • FitTrack Dara: $89.95 (Available for 4 Interest Free Payments of $22.48)
  • FiTrack Beebo: $119.00 (with 20% discount applied)

*These prices are subject to change at any time – check current FitTrack pricing at their website.

Review Summary

The FitTrack Smart Scale’s are a great tool to add to your personal health and/or fitness routine. It gives you a much more complete picture of your health and fitness metrics when compared to a standard scale, including things like BMI, body weight, hydration levels, muscle weight, body fat percentage, and much more.

If you’ve been looking for a top-rated smart scale, at a great price, then we recommend giving the FitTrack scales a shot.

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