Ergatta Rower Review: How Much Does it Cost in 2022?

Ergatta Rower Review: How Much Does it Cost in 2022?

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For many, working out is the last thing they would consider “fun,” but does it have to be that way? What if there was a machine that was designed for those of us who dread going to the gym, or taking part in instructor-led classes? What if there were a machine that brought a” gaming” experience to your workouts?

If this sounds appealing to you, we have good news – that machine does, in fact, exist, and it’s called the Ergatta Rower.

Ergatta is designed for those of us who aren’t crazy about gyms or workout classes, but we still have that competitive edge, want to get some exercise, and are looking for a way to actually make the experience fun.

In this Ergatta Review, we’ll tell you how this rowing machine is turning the exercise industry on its head, and why we think this is one of the coolest tech releases of the year.

What is Ergatta?

a close up of the gaming workout screen

Ergatta a gaming workout experience that is built on a beautiful WaterRower. The WaterRower has long been considered one of the top machines in the industry, and with the addition of the Ergatta gamefied workout platform, they have now risen to the top of the connected workout experience.

Ergatta is a lot different that your standard piece of connected workout equipment, however. While most machines are designed to simulate something similar to the Peloton experience – access to live and on demand instructor-led workouts in your home – Ergatta takes a different approach.

Ergatta taps into your competitive nature, but is made for people who are looking for a connected workout experience, that is very different than what Peloton or its competitors offer.

Ergatta provides a gaming-inspired experience, that gives users:

  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Taps into Your Motivation
  • Allows Rowers to Take Part in Competitions, Group Challenges, & Head-to-Head Races
  • and Much More

How Ergatta Makes Working Out Fun

Ergatta started out with a pretty simple message – they believe that working out should feel a lot like playing a sport, instead of just taking another class or simply going through the motions.

How did they accomplish this?

By designing a competitive, and highly-interactive gaming experience, that is truly changing the way that people think about fitness.

With Ergatta you can connect and compete against other rowers, participate in group challenges, and duel it out in head-to-head competitions.

It’s seriously fun, and if you thought you’d never look forward to working out, we’re here to tell you that we think you’ll look forward to using your Ergatta.

Why Ergatta Partnered with WaterRower

a close up of the water rowing mechanism on the Ergatta with bricks in the background

Ergatta is built on a WaterRower for good reason – they’ve been in the business for more than 30 years, during which time they have developed a reputation for building some of the best rowing machines on the planet.

Here are a few of the highlights about WaterRower:

  • Beautiful Design: This is a rower you will be proud to have on display in your home. It’s made form sustainable harvested cherry wood, features a tasteful design, and sleek and compact.
  • Made in USA: WaterRower is manufactured in Rhode Island, where they have been designing rowing machines for decades.
  • Built to Last: The Ergatta is handmade by the WaterRower team, and is built to commercial-grade standards, even though it’s designed to be used in your home. This machine is built to last, and they’re so confident in that, they offer a generous 5-year warranty with your purchase.
  • Compact & Easy to Store: Ergatta understands that not everyone lives in a giant house, and even if they do, they’ll appreciate the easy-store design. The Ergatta stores in a space as small as a barstool once folded, and you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment to store it out of the way, what can’t be said for some of Ergatta’s competitors.
  • Designed to Be Quiet: The Ergatta features a near-silent row, which  makes it ideal for smaller living spaces, or those who just prefer a silent rowing experience.
  • Water Resistance: As the name might suggest, the WaterRower uses real water to generate resistance. The result?  A smooth rowing experience that builds resistance naturally the more effort your exert. It’s also easy on your back.

The Ergatta App & Experience

the workout selection screen featuring their four main workout options

As we briefly outlined above, the Ergatta experience is built around a gaming-inspired platform. Their system is a first of its kind in the world of fitness, and allows you to immediately connect and start competing as soon as you get your new rower.

Again, the Ergatta is for the person who dreads the gym or fitness classes, but still values their health and competition. That said, it’s fun for all people, so even if you love going to the gym, we’re guessing you’ll enjoy the Ergatta experience.

Here’s a brief overview of how the Ergatta App works:

  • Gamin-Inspired App Experience
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Group Challenges
  • Race Head-to-Head with Other Ergatta Members
  • Variety of Workout Challenges
  • Calibrates to Your Fitness Level and Adapts Over Time
  • Intelligent Racer Machine, Pits You Against Similar Fitness Levels and Abilities
  • New Games, Features and Workouts Added Weekly
  • Connect with Other Members to Create Rivalries and Workout Buddies
  • Race of the Week Released Every Sunday
  • Monthly Community Challenges
  • Integrates with Strava
  • Personal Dashboard and Community Ranking
  • Minimum of 5 New Workouts Added Every Week

Here’s a look at the Ergatta app in action:

Learn more about the Ergatta app and experience at their website.

Does it Come with a Screen?

Yes, with the Ergatta you are not required to have your own tablet or device for accessing their workout platform.

The Ergatta features a 17.3 HD touchscreen that is mounted directly to the rower. It’s the perfect screen for getting fully immersed in their digital rowing experience.

Why Rowing Workouts?

  • Fully Body Workout
  • Twice as Efficient as a Spin Workout
  • Easier on Your Joints Than Running
  • The Ergatta Experience Makes it Fun

If you’re new to rowing machines, or have never owned one before now, you may be asking yourself if a rowing workout is right for you.

We’d say rowing is the “smart” way to workout.

With rowers, you can enjoy an amazing full body workout, that is twice as efficient in spinning. That means the benefits you may get from doing a 15 minute rowing workout, would take you 30 minutes on a bike.

On top of that, it also engages your entire body, is easy on your joints, and can hit 86% of your muscle groups when used correctly

Assembly Required?

Unlike a lot of fitness equipment that you buy online, Ergatta doesn’t require that you assemble it yourself. In fact, it will be assembled and installed by a professional, ensuring that your rower is put together in accordance with WaterRower guidelines and safety protocols.

Of course, assembly isn’t always available so you may end up having to put the rower together yourself – don’t worry, though! I put my Ergatta together and it was super easy. They send very detailed instructions, and it should take you less than an hour from start to finish.

Is it Easy to Store?

Yes! That’s another huge perk related to Ergatta partnering with WaterRower – their machines are designed to look great when in use, but they’re also designed to easily be put in storage and out of the way.

As we’ve mentioned, the Ergatta stores upright with an easy-fold design and takes up minimal space when in storage mode. It also includes transport wheels that make it easy to move from one place to the other.

Other smart rowers require the purchase of a separate system for storage, but Ergatta is made to be easily stored without any additional equipment for you to buy.

The rower is very light, and the wheels that you’ll see in the phots below make it very easy to lift your rower and wheel to wherever you want to store it. Here’s how quick and easy it is:

  • Click the button to lower your screen and secure it in place

a photo of me clicking the button to lower the screen arm for storage

  • Lower the Screen Arm and Secure it in Place by Swiveling the HD Touchscreen

the screen arm folded down

  • Raise the Rowing Machine and It’s Ready to Store

the rower stored upright

Rower Dimensions and Weight

  • Activated: 86“ x 23” x 40“
  • Stored: 86” x 23“ x 22.5”
  • Upright: 23” x 22.5” x 86”
  • Weight: 103 lbs, 76.5 lbs without water

Ergatta Weight Limit

Ergatta supports up to 500 pounds and has a 40 inch inseam, making it usable for someone up to 6’8″ in height.

Warranty Options

The Ergatta has a 5 year structural frame warrant, a 3 year warranty on parts, and 1 year warranty on the tablet.

Verified Customer Testimonials

Ergatta has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the most immersive and highly-quality rowing experiences available, but don’t just take my word for it.

At last check 95% of reviewers had given them a 5-star rating, and I haven’t been able to find any real complaints for you to consider.

Here’s what a few of their customers had to say about their Ergatta experience:

I am really enjoying my Ergatta experience. Such a great variety of workout options and a feeling very grateful to have such an excellent home work out option these days with gyms in California not being open.

I rarely splurge on large-ticket items like this without even a little bit of buyer’s remorse, but Ergatta has met and exceeded my expectations.
It’s a beautiful, functional machine, and the programming is excellent and only getting better. Strongly recommended.

I always have a hard time with cardio because I get bored and struggle to really challenge myself. The Ergatta has been really fantastic at addressing both with interval training that is engaging enough that I don’t feel the monotonicity that I do on my own and actually challenging enough that I feel like I can get a good workout. The fact that I can wear myself out in a really short amount of time or take a longer, more endurance approach also makes it much easier to squeeze into my life. I’ve been so much happier w at home fitness since getting it.

Read more testimonials at the Ergatta website.

Price: How Much Does Ergatta Cost?

At last check, the Ergatta cost $2,199. They do offer financing options, with monthly payments starting at $102.

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Where to Buy

Right now the official Ergatta website is the only place you can buy this one-of-a-kind rower. Get access here.

Summary: Is This the Rowing Experience for You?

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind workout experience, then we think you should put the Ergatta at the top of your short list.

There are a number of reasons for you to consider this rowing machine, many of which we’ve detailed in this review.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should buy an Ergatta, here are a few factors for you to consider when making your purchasing decision:

You Should Buy an Ergatta if…

  • You Are Looking for a Way to Make Your Workouts Fun
  • You Don’t Like Going to the Gym
  • You’re Not a Huge Fan of Instructor-Led Workout Classes
  • You’re Competitive, and Want an Interactive Workout Options
  • You Want Real-Time Metrics and Feedbacks
  • You Want a Rower that Adapts to Your Fitness Levels Over Time
  • You Want a High-Quality Rower That Looks Great and is Easy to Store

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