Echelon EX-8S vs Peloton Bike+: Who Wins the Ride Test?

Echelon EX-8S vs Peloton Bike+: Who Wins the Ride Test?

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When it comes to finding the right exercise bike, you are going to often hear two companies go head-to-head and that’s Echelon vs. Peloton.

These are the major players in the fitness industry and you know they are always attempting to one-up each other. With this mindset in the market, there is always a push for new features and contemporary workout options you can get behind.

Keeping this in mind, two bikes stand out – the Echelon EX-8s and Peloton Bike+.

This comparison is going to look at what the two bikes are all about, how they work, and whether or not they are going to yield the type of results you’re after as a working enthusiast.

Features Comparison: What We Like and Don’t Like About the Echelon EX-8s and Peloton Bike+

1. Echelon EX-8s Best Features

riding the echelon ex-8s

1. Curved HD Screen

One of the more attractive features to come out in a long time, the curved HD screen is a masterpiece. It’s one of those designs that will resonate with you right away once you sit down and begin using the machine.

Unlike other exercise bikes, Echelon has gone above and beyond with its attention to detail. The curved HD screen is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also easy on the eyes when staring at the screen.

The level of detail is immersive and will make you want to work out all the time.

2. Illuminating Flywheels

This is one of those eye-catching elements that will take your breath away.

When the lights go down, the illuminating flywheels are going to make you look again. You are going to feel as if you’re on a modern exercise bike from the future.

The benefits include:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Modern Design

Setting this up in your home gym will be impressive.

It is unlike other machines and is going to catch everyone’s attention as soon as they lay their eyes on it. The quality is simply outstanding and unique.

3. Dual Fly-Wheels

The most important thing to think about is how the exercise bike functions as that are going to be one of the main requirements for you as a user.

In this regard, the attention to detail is impressive and you are going to enjoy the dual flywheel design.

This is great for a smoother experience that is a joy to behold when it comes to having fun.

4. 180-Flip For Screen

Most people are not going to be happy with how the screen comes out of the box.

This is natural and that is something the company has taken into account. The screen is not only curved but it can also be adjusted on the spot.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Personalize
  • No Glare or Reflections at Odd Angles

You can easily swivel the screen around and flip it 180 degrees if that is what works best for you. This is ideal when it comes to seeing good results and feeling confident in the value you are getting as a whole.

5. 15,000+ On-Demand Workouts

Most people are going to get bored if they keep doing the same workouts all the time.

You are going to want something fresh and that is possible here. You are going to gain access to 15,000+ on-demand workouts and they are going to be a breath of fresh air for you.

This is what makes them appealing and why you are going to enjoy them so much.

Echelon EX-8s Cons

  • Takes Time To Get Used To

The only issue with this bike would have to do with the learning curve.

There are a lot of features and you can adjust quite a bit with the bike. While this is great over the long term, there is a learning curve that comes along with the machine.

This is going to take a few days and you will be good to go. They have a great instruction manual on how to set it up and that will be a breeze as soon as you are ready to put it to the test.

Peloton Bike+ Best Features

a shot profile picture of the Peloton Bike+

1. 23.8″ Full HD Touchscreen

It all starts with the beautiful touchscreen.

This touchscreen is a joy to the eyes and stands out when you are putting in the hard work. This is due to how bright it is and how well it works in different lighting conditions.

This is good for those who are going to be setting it in front of a window or somewhere where the light is streaming in.

It will do well in that setting too.

2. Digital Resistance

The resistance setup is unique with this bike and it uses a digitized solution. This means the resistance can be adjusted manually and automatically if necessary.

You are not going to be restricted to one option.

The benefits include:

  • Automated Options
  • Easy to Adjust

Take advantage of this type of resistance and fine-tune it to match your workout session.

3. Anti-Smudge Coating

The coating is fascinating because they have taken the time to value durability.

This means the exercise bike’s outer shell will always look great and it will stand out for all the right reasons.

4. Front-Facing Camera

The front-facing camera is impressive and it is something you wouldn’t always expect from a bike. However, the team behind this bike has taken the time to craft a unique machine that’s easy to use all the time.

This is ideal for those who are particular about how they work out and the value they get from each session.

The benefits include:

  • Great Quality
  • Easy To Operate

If you are thinking about having a video chat, then the 8MP video camera is a real delight.

It is an experience that you will find memorable every time you use it.

5. Swiveling Display

The swiveling display is noticeable right away and it is something you will enjoy.

The display can be adjusted on the spot and you can continue to move it around during the workout. It is easy to do and only takes a few seconds at most.

This simplicity is key when it comes to choosing a bike that will add value to your experience from day one.

Peloton Bike+ Cons

  • Hefty Price Tag

The bike as a whole is world-class and you are going to love everything about it.

However, if there is one issue that will stand out it has to do with the price tag. You are going to pay a pretty penny to get on this bike and have it in your home gym.

With the price tag coming in at about $2,945 at the time of publication for their best package, you are getting something that is quite expensive, but the Echelon EX-8s is also pretty expensive as well…So this could be a potential con for both bikes.

Learn more at Peloton’s website

How the Peloton and Echelon Workout Apps Compare

Echelon’s Workout Platform

1. Live and On-Demand Workouts

The first detail to think about has to do with the type of content made available to you.

Users will get access to not only on-demand content but also live sessions around the clock. This means you can hop onto the bike and pick a live session to follow right away.

This is a lot of fun and it is something that will engage you as nothing else can.

Plus, the content is always fresh and fun making it a great way to burn calories.

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2. Trained Instructors

The instructors are some of the best in the business and a lot of attention has been paid to them. This means the quality is second to none and you are going to feel as if you are sitting in a gym training with a lead instructor at the facility.

This is ideal for those who want to make sure each workout session has a purpose.

The benefits include:

  • Competent Lessons
  • Easy To Follow

With trained instructors, you are going to know the quality will be there from day one.

You can learn something through the live content and get more value out of the session.

3. New Workouts Being Added All the Time

The updates you are going to get will happen all the time.

This is a company that is passionate about the content it puts out and that is what makes it great. This means whenever you go through the app and look at the different workouts, you are going to find fresh content.

This is appealing to those who are particular about what they are doing on the exercise bike at any given moment.

Learn more about the Echelon workout app at their website

Peloton’s Workout Platform

1. World-Class Trainers

Most people want to gain access to trainers that are the real deal and will have their back.

You are going to have fun sifting through all of the on-demand content and what makes it fun is the qualifications of the trainers.

These are well-trained professionals that know what they are doing and how to set the tone. You will enjoy every minute of your on-demand and live sessions with them.

2. Premium On-Demand and Live Content

There is ample content available through the machine and that is a must when it comes to enjoying your workout sessions on the Peloton Bike+.

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Not too many bikes can offer this level of quality and that content is what makes it a refreshing experience.

The benefits include:

  • Thousands of Options
  • Modern Solutions

If you are picking about how you work out then this is a good place to start.

The on-demand and live content are immersive and perfect for your needs.

3. Continued Support

There is constant support available through the company and that does bode well for how the exercise bike ages. You can easily go through the on-demand workouts and pick the ones that work well for you.

This is great when it comes to receiving constant support and knowing the machine is not going to stagnate quickly.

As long as you are using it, the exercise bike will add value to your workouts.

The Ride Experience: What I like About Riding a Peloton and the Echelon

Both options are impressive and you can’t go wrong with either one.

A show-stopping aspect of the Echelon EX-8s has to do with the illuminating flywheels and curved HD screen. These are features you are not going to get with the Peloton Bike+ and it does resonate with those who want something futuristic.

On the other hand, the Peloton is good when it comes to offering anti-smudge coating, a good ride quality, and an overall well-made machine.

This is why both do offer the quality you are after as a user.

Price Comparison: Which Bike is Cheaper?

  • Echelon Ex-8s – MSRP: $2,399 – Offering a introductory price of $1999 at last check – see latest price at their website.
  • Peloton Bike+ – Packages Starting at $2,495 at the time of publication

You Should Pick the Echelon EX-8s If You Want…

  • A Modern Design
  • Dual Flywheel Setup
  • Illuminating Flywheel
  • Affordability
  • Compact Design

You Should Pick the Peloton Bike+ If You Want…

  • A Large Touchscreen
  • Digital Resistance
  • Loud Speakers
  • Anti-Smudge Coating
  • A Front-Facing Camera

Learn more and check current prices at the Peloton website