Echelon GT+ Bike Review: Did it Pass Our 2022 Ride Test?

Echelon GT+ Bike Review: Did it Pass Our 2022 Ride Test?

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Choosing an exercise bike that is ideal for your body type, works well with your goals, and offers long-term value comes down to efficiency.

You are going to want an exercise bike that is well-made and robust, which is something you are going to find with the right fit.

A common option that continues to come up is the Echelon GT+ exercise bike. Does it do a good job of working for those who want to work out?

Here is a detailed review of the exercise bike along with its overall value.

Key Features of the Echelon GT+ Bike

a side profile picture of the Echelon GT+ in gold

1. 32 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

It all starts with the magnetic resistance.

You are not going to be let down with the seamless transition between different levels. Switch between the resistance levels in seconds knowing your workout is not going to be interrupted during the process.

This is something you will enjoy if the goal is to go with a high-grade option that is built to work well with all types of workout programs.

It is these resistance levels that ensure this exercise bike does well with the app too.

2. Adjustable Seating

Each person is going to have a different build and that has to be taken into account before buying an exercise bike.

The reason this bike works well has to do with the adjustable seating.

The benefits include:

  • Easier to Ride
  • Ideal for Beginners

You can easily switch between settings and get the seat to work the way you want. The same goes for the handlebars, which can be moved around as needed.

3. Water Bottle Holders

If you are someone that is always reaching for a water bottle when it is time to work out then you are not going to be disappointed with the Echelon GT+.

This is an exercise bike that comes with a robust water bottle holder that is ideal for holding your water during the session. It is easy to reach when you are sitting on the bike and will work the way you want it to.

This is a holder that is not only accessible but also well-made making it a great part of the exercise bike moving forward.

4. Real-Time Tracking

Trackability is a must when it comes to overall efficiency and quality.

You are not going to be disappointed with all of the data that is accumulated through the app. This works well for those who want a good amount of information.

The benefits include:

  • Easy To Make Adjustments
  • Simple Setup

Continue to enjoy the app and all that comes along with it.

The real-time data is immersive and something you are going to adore as soon as you begin to dig through it. Just having this type of feedback goes a long way in shaping your workout sessions on the bike.

5. Performance Bearings

Performance is the name of the game when it comes to the ride quality and ensuring it feels comfortable under your body.

While a shorter session is not going to be an issue, it can start to add up after a while. You are going to be disappointed if a lot of pressure is put on the joints because you are not getting cushioned by the bike.

This is not an issue here as everything is designed to nestle your body.

Why We Love the GT+

the various color options the bike comes in

The Echelon GT+ is a masterpiece because it has a free-flowing design, limited noise pollution, and simply does its job well.

This makes it quite impressive compared to some of the other exercise bikes on the market right now.

What Kind of Riding Experience Does it Offer?

The ride quality is always going to be a top priority for those who spend long hours on exercise bikes throughout the week.

It makes a difference on your bottom, joints, and the rest of your body. It can also start to take away from your ability to put in a good performance while working out.

Due to this, you are not going to mind the padded seat, adjustable seating, adjustable handlebars, and the overall seamlessness of the bike.

If you are picky about what they are riding, you are not going to mind hopping on the Echelon GT+. It is a winner.

How Does It Work With The Echelon Fit App: Live and On-Demand Workouts?

The Echelon Fit App works with the help of a tablet that can be placed on the bike. It is a seamless integration that is not going to take a long time to set up.

You will have the app ready to go and then it will work well with the bike.

You can go through the different workouts and know the settings will be right in line with what your bike can do. These workouts are regularly updated by seasoned specialists that are well aware of what the Echelon GT+ is all about.

Pros & Cons


1. Built To Last

This is a bike that is made with rigorous quality control standards and it immediately shows through the long-lasting finish.

It is the type of metal that is going to last for a long time and will not rattle once you sit down. This is what makes it such a wonderful option for any part of the house.

2. Seamless Transitions

One of the primary requirements for riders is the transition between resistance levels.

This bike has 32 resistance levels and switching between them is a breeze. You are not even going to feel it as soon as you sit on the seat.

The benefits include:

  • Quick Changes for Seating & Handlebars
  • Great for HIIT Training

Whether you are someone that does longer distances or short bursts, you are going to be impressed by the overall quality on display.

It will blow you away and that is what makes it amazing.

3. Excellent App Integration

The Echelon Fit App is fully integrated with the Echelon GT+ and works like a charm.

You can set it up using your device knowing it will work in unison with the bike itself. This allows you to go through world-class live and on-demand content within minutes.

4. Easy To Use

The Echelon GT+ is easy to use and that has to do with how it is designed.

Whether it is switching resistance levels, using a tablet, or even accessing the water bottle holder, everything is done with the rider in mind.

The benefits include:

  • No Learning Curve
  • Great For All Body Types

It’s this attention to detail that will leave you in awe.

The Echelon GT+ is all about efficiency and safety, which you are going to realize as soon as you hop on.

5. Affordable

Coming in at an affordable price point, this is one of those exercise bikes that will last a long time and not put a huge dent in your budget.

This makes it a win-win for those who want a good addition to their home gym without spending a lot.

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6. Great Colors

If you are picky about the colors then it is time to look at the Echelon GT+.

You get to choose from three radiating colors.

These colors include:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange

Take the time to enjoy these colors and know you are going to get something that pops.


1. Average User Manual

The only concern with the Echelon GT+ is an average user manual.

It’s a user manual that doesn’t have a lot of information on how to set things up but you will get used to it within seconds.

This is the beauty of going with an Echelon product.

Specifications: Sizes and Dimensions

  • Weight: 88 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54”L x 24”W x 57”H
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Does it Come With a Warranty?

Each Echelon bike comes with a well-equipped warranty program.

In this case, the Echelon GT+ offers a year-long warranty that is built on the shoulders of both parts and labor protection.

For those who want to activate this policy, you can do so by calling customer service. A representative will be happy to go through the details whether it has to do with a functional issue or a part-related concern. This type of protection is ideal for those who want to invest in a long-term asset.

This asset will last for a long time and is going to work the way you want it to.

If the goal is to go with something that is built to last then you will know it is time to start here. The quality will blow you away.

How Much Does it Cost?

Summary: Is the GT+ the Right Bike for You?

The Echelon GT+ is the real deal and is one of the best exercise bikes available right now.

It has all of the perks necessary to earn your trust and make sure it ages gracefully. If you want something sustainable, robust, and built the right way then this is a great option.

It is not only well-designed but also affordable making it a great option for beginners. Invest in this exercise bike and enjoy it for years to come.

You should buy the Echelon GT+ if you want...

  • Affordability
  • Adjustable Seating & Handlebars
  • A Sleek Design
  • Complete App Integration
  • Minimal Noise Production