Echelon EX-8s Bike Review: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Their New Ride

Echelon EX-8s Bike Review: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Their New Ride

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Exercise bikes have taken the fitness world by storm. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, sales of at-home workout equipment have risen drastically. Now that people have gotten used to getting high-quality workouts in the comfort of their homes, that’s not expected to change anytime soon.

Companies like Peloton and Echelon have taken the at-home workout experience to the next level with smarter and more connected equipment than ever before.

If you are considering a smart exercise bike, you aren’t alone. However, as a consumer, you have more options now than ever before. Picking the right exercise bike isn’t as easy as it once was. With more features and value being packed into these bikes, choosing the right one requires a little more research.

Not to fret, this review will detail what’s to like about the new offering from Echelon, the Echelon EX-8S. By the end, you will have all of the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether this new bike is the right fit for you.

What We Love About The New Echelon EX-8s

a side shot of our new EX-8s

Echelon already had a great connected fitness bike, but their new model is even more value-packed. The new Echelon EX-8s connected bike is breathtaking in its design.

It features an industry-first curved HD touchscreen. Much like the curved displays, you’ll find in the market for monitors and televisions, this curved display makes your viewing experience even more immersive than ever before.

This is a big benefit for a bike that is meant to take you on a fitness journey through various scenic rides. Having an immersive experience is not only more motivating, but it can keep you more interested in your workouts.

Why Their Curved Rotating LED Screen is One of the Best in the Industry

Echelon knows how its users are using its fitness platform. That is, they are using it as a platform rather than an exercise bike. Because of this, they were certain to include a flexible screen that can be flipped 180-degrees. This allows users to effectively reposition the screen to use it in floor exercises.

This makes the bike a cross-training powerhouse because you can get more value out of the included HD display even while exercising off the bike.

The screen is fully immersive with high definition quality and it only enhances the overall experience you get from your workouts. The included screen plays a big role in the overall experience you get from your workouts. Echelon realized this and did well to include a best-in-class screen that is a joy to use.

How The Echelon Connected Workouts Make Exercising Fun and Motivating

Working out is inherently boring. This is especially true if you’re sitting at home and working out alone. This is generally why people look for connected experiences. Who wants to work out alone without interaction? People join classes at the gym because they seek some type of interaction.

Echelon’s connected platform is one of the best at promoting interaction and engagement. Echelon’s membership gives you access to over 60 of the best global instructors. Along with this, it includes access to over 40 different daily classes performed live. You also have thousands of on-demand classes to choose from.

There are challenges you can participate in and they even include special guests that make every session exciting.

Motivation is one of the things that is essential for someone looking to achieve a fitness goal. Echelon’s connected workout experience makes everything much more engaging and interactive. These things do wonders for boosting motivation.

LED Flywheels? Why They’re Actually Pretty Cool

a close up shot of the LED flywheels

At first glance, you may think the included LED flywheels are purely a gimmick. While not everyone is going to love them, they do add to the experience. Echelon wants to make things even more engaging and interactive. The brand decided to include LED flywheel lights in the new model to further enhance motivation.

Seeing a trend here?

The entire bike from start to finish is to add to the user’s motivation and to enhance the immersive nature of the entire experience. The LED lights may seem like a purely aesthetic addition, but they do more to add to the experience than meets the eye. These lights are meant to sync up with the user’s workout metrics.

This includes both the heart rate zone and output. Because of this, they can psychologically help you increase your intensity and encourage you to keep going.

Key Features and Specs

1. Curved High-Definition Display

This is the best display in the industry bar none. Echelon outdid itself by including this new and immersive 24-inch HD touchscreen display. While having a curved display doesn’t seem like a big addition, it adds a new level of immersion to the entire experience. Having a more immersive experience is key to getting the most out of every workout. When paired with the immersive nature of the scenic workouts, you will love hopping on your bike even on the days you feel lethargic. Anything that can enhance your motivation to get you on the bike is a plus. This included high-definition curved display is one of those things that is certain to get you excited about every workout.

2. Balanced Design

The performance of the connected fitness bike isn’t something to ignore. Luckily, Echelon doesn’t skimp on the quality of the bike design itself. The new Echelon EX-8s features a smooth ride that will have you gliding without waking up the entire house. The bike features magnetic resistance that can increase or decrease the overall intensity of your workouts up to 32 levels. The bike also features SPD-compatible pedals for those that want a much more seamless experience with cycling cleats. Best of all, it’s easier than ever to increase or decrease resistance with the included Bluetooth resistance controller. This controller is conveniently attached directly to the center of the handlebars and it allows for smooth and easy adjustments throughout your ride.

3. Immersive Sound

The curved display isn’t only a joy to look at, but it includes dual user-facing speakers that will blow you away. One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous Echelon models was the poor quality speakers. While they were certainly good enough, they didn’t offer the same kind of experience the visuals achieved. However, these newly included speakers pack a punch. They deliver twice the sound of the previous models and they deliver the kind of immersive experience that you would expect from a premium connected bike.

4. Performance Tracking Enhances Motivation

Echelon is a connected experience through and through. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that the bike includes performance tracking. With the Echelon app, you’ll be able to track leaderboards, access key data and metrics about your workouts, and more. You will have plenty of data that you can look at and use as motivation to continue with your fitness journey.

5. Illuminating Wheels

As mentioned, this newer model features integrated LED flywheel lights that rotate through 15 color variations. These lights sync up with your workout metrics which allows for an immersive experience that you cannot get anywhere else. If you are looking for something to take your workouts to the next level, synced LED lights may be what you’re looking for without even knowing it. Seeing lights change based on the intensity of your workouts can psychologically get you pedaling harder, faster, and longer than ever before.

Pros and Cons of the EX-8s


  • Amazing Display and Immersive Experience

If you are looking for a bike that delivers one of the most immersive experiences you’ll find, the newest EX-8s may be your ticket. This bike delivers an incredible experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

With a crystal clear high definition curved display, you’re getting a bike that delivers amazing quality visuals. That’s not all. This bike packs the same high-definition audio with enhanced speakers that deliver twice the sound of prior models.

  • LED Flywheels

The included LED lights on the bike may look like a gimmick, but they work wonders at enhancing the experience. They not only can put you in the right mood, but they can enhance immersion and continue to motivate you subconsciously.

  • Easy Resistance Controls

Changing resistance levels on your bike should be seamless. With the new integrated Bluetooth resistance controller, it’s never been easier to swap and change through the different levels. This makes finding the sweet spot a breeze.

  • Impressive Performance Tracking

A connected workout experience isn’t worth much if it doesn’t track your performance. This bike includes excellent performance tracking that is certain to keep you fully aware of your progress at all times.

  • Cross-Training

The monitor swivels a full 180-degrees. This makes it easy to use the bike and the included monitor for your entire full-body workouts. Having a bike that is only useful for cycling can be a turn-off and a waste. Echelon knows that its users want a full-body workout experience. This is why their workouts include off-bike exercises and activities. This bike allows the user to get an immersive full-body workout experience whether they are on the bike or off it.


  • Price

The newer Echelon EX-8s connected bike is expensive. There is no getting around this. Pre-orders started at $1,999.99 and $34.99 for the monthly subscription.

  • LED Flywheels

Some may not like the LED flywheels or think that it’s an unnecessary added expense.

How Does the EX-8s Compare to Peloton?

The EX-8s compares very favorably to the newest Peloton offering. The newest Peloton has a vibrant and anti-reflective display that’s excellent at all angles. However, it’s not curved. Having a curved display offers a much more immersive experience than what you get from a flat panel.

The biggest downside of the new Echelon compared to the Peloton is that the Peloton delivers a screen that features 360-degrees of movement. Whereas, the Echelon caps at 180-degrees.

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Pricing Options: How Much Does it Cost?

  • Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike = $1,999.99
  • Echelon Premier Monthly = $34.99
  • Echelon Premier Yearly = $399.99
  • Echelon Premier 2-Year = $699
  • *Prices Current at the Time of Publication – See Current Echelon Pricing at their Website

Final Tips for Deciding if the EX-8s is the Right Bike for You

  • Do You Want The Most Immersive Connected Workout Experience?

As mentioned, Echelon did everything in its power to design a bike that is the most immersive in the marketplace. If you are looking for the most immersive workout experience, the decision is easy. The newest EX-8s deliver the kind of immersive experience that you can expect from a premium-priced bike. Not only does it have a best-in-class curved display, but the sound is equally as immersive.

  • Do You Want The Most Stimulating Workout Experience?

The included LED flywheel lights can make your entire workout experience an exciting one. The flywheel lights will make it much more likely you max out your intensity every workout.

  • Are You Willing To Pay For Quality?

There is no getting around the price tag. The Echelon EX-8s is one of the more premium connected bikes in the marketplace and the price tag matches. If you want the experience the EX-8s delivers, you’ll need to pay for it. They offer much more affordable options for those that don’t want to pay for the best experience.

  • Do You Subscribe To A Workout Service Already?

For those that are engrained in a connected workout service already, it may not make too much sense to switch. If you’re already a member of Peloton and using their classes and app, you may not want to make the switch. Some get attached to the trainers on various platforms which helps retain customers.