Echelon Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale: 2022 Upd

Echelon Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale: 2022 Upd

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Echelon makes some of the best best-selling connected fitness equipment available, and while it’s already considered to be priced much cheaper than the competition, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer two amazing days to save even more money. Here’s how much you can save this year…

Best Echelon Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Code: Updated Monday, September 12th 2022

Echelon’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals haven’t been announced yet for this year. In the meantime, here’s the most recent promo we’ve seen:

  • Get Free Apple Watch with Equipment Purchase – Learn More Below:

Keep reading to see the different Echelon equipment that you can expect to save big on this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas:

Echelon Bike Holiday Sale

Echelon offers one of the most popular connected fitness bikes on the planet. Their affordable, high-quality, and connect to Echelon’s live and on demand studio-style fitness classes.

Here are the bike models you can expect to be discounted this year:

  • GT+
  • EX5
  • EX5s
  • EX7s
  • EX-Pro

See latest Echelon bike deals here.

Echelon Row and Row-s Coupons

Echelon recently launched a second model of their extremely popular connected rower. Now, you can get their rower with a beautiful built-in HD touchscreen. On top of that, it swivels, so you can take your workouts off the rower as well.

Their rowers are already some of the most affordable in the connected space, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer an opportunity to lock in additional savings on the Echelon rower of your choice.

Here are the current models of rowers that Echelon offers:

  • Echelon Row
  • Echelon Row-S

If you opt for the standard Row, you will need a tablet or device for streaming their workouts, but there’s a chance they may be throwing in a free iPad Air with your purchase, as that’s a promo they’ve been known to run in the past.

Check the current Echelon promos at their website.

Echelon Reflect Deals

Echelon also offer a virtual personal trainer that looks like a sleek mirror, but it quickly transforms into your own home gym. You can take part in a number of different workouts using their Reflect mirror, and they currently have two models of Reflect to pick from:

  • Reflect 40″
  • Reflect 50″ Touchscreen

As an owner of the Reflect 50″ Touch, I can personally tell you that these things are sweet! You can workout some of the best trainers on the planet, from the comfort of home (I actually keep mine at the office).

They have a number of different workout options, that keep things fun and exciting, and it’s a great option for taking a break from the bike, rower, or treadmill. Expect to see savings on both models of the Echelon Reflect this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

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Echelon Stride Treadmill Promo

The Echelon Stride Treadmill is their latest release, and it’s sure to be another best seller. The Stride is made with your space in mind. To that end, it’s compact, and has an auto-fold mode, so you can quickly fold it up and store it out of the way.

It’s a lot smaller than most of the other connected treadmills I’ve seen, but that doesn’t mean it’s not packed full of features.

As of now, they only have one model of the Stride for sale, but there’s a could chance you’ll be able to secure some discounted pricing for the holidays.

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