Ooni vs Breville: Which Pizza Oven Wins Head-to-Head?

Ooni vs Breville: Which Pizza Oven Wins Head-to-Head?

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Pizza ovens are a great way to prepare one of the world’s most famous and adored foods.

Every second person enjoys a good slice of pizza and that’s where the pizza oven comes into action. This is a one-stop option for those who want to personalize the pizza-making process and bring it home or wherever they go.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to look at which pizza oven is the best right now. Two brands stand out – Ooni and Breville.

Here is a look at what their pizza ovens are all about and how they compare to each other.

Pizza Oven Comparison: What Ooni and Breville Offer


all of the Ooni pizza ovens sitting in a row

1. Karu 16

  • Multiple Fuel Options

The beauty of using any pizza oven crafted by Ooni comes down to the multiple fuel options. You get to work with not only gas but also wood depending on what you prefer.

This leads to a more authentic taste that is right in line with what pizza-making is all about. If you are someone that wants to take control and maximize how energy is supplied to the pizza oven, you will want to look at the Karu 16.

This is a world-class pizza oven made with a high level of care and precision.

  • Reaches 500°C (950°F) Rapidly

One of the primary requirements for people making pizza has to do with the heating mechanism. The heating mechanism needs to be refined and in tune with what you want as a user.

This includes reaching maximum temperature (500°C) without taking a lot of time.

The Karu 16 is great because it can get to this temperature within 15 minutes or so. This allows for a more controlled environment while developing the perfect pizza on the go. You will have the pizza ready as fast as you would at the pizza shop.

2. Fyra 12

  • Ultra-Portable Design

The 12″ cooking surface is wonderful but it is the portable design that is going to win you over. It is no more than 10 kg and is going to be a breeze to move around from one place to the next.

For those who tend to take their pizza oven to different places including the outdoors, it makes sense to look at the Fyra 12.

This is a world-class pizza oven that works well in a wide array of situations and can provide ample heat within 15 minutes. It is that fast and ideal for those who want things to be as portable as possible.

  • Pizzas in 60 Seconds

A common requirement from a pizza oven is to make sure the pizza is cooked quickly.

This includes taking the time to rapidly maximize how the pizza is cooked and getting it to look the way you want it to.

With the Fyra 12, it’s possible to have a pizza ready within a minute. This is staggering for those who are looking to prepare a small pizza without having to think twice. Just turn it up and watch as the pizza begins to warm up inside.

This is the type of efficiency that makes using a pizza oven fun.

3. Pro 16

  • Low-Maintenance Cooking

It is often assumed owning a pizza oven is challenging because it requires a tremendous amount of maintenance. This is not the case with the Pro 16 as it is designed to be low-maintenance and is not going to get in the way of the pizza-making process.

Most people can prepare the ingredients and set up the pizza in the oven without missing a beat. It is not going to take a long time and the preset settings are great.

You are not going to waste a lot of time prepping the pizza and it is going to be ready to go.

  • 16″ Cooking Surface

This particular pizza oven comes with a larger 16″ cooking surface making it ideal for those who want to prepare larger pizzas in one shot.

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The beauty of using something like this is knowing the cooking surface will not disappoint. It is going to be easy to set up and the cooking surface is going to allow you to warm up other things in the oven if you wish to do so.

This is the type of surface that is great for preparing a large pizza and knowing it is going to be cooked evenly.

4. Koda 12

  • Ideal Outdoor-Friendly Build

One of the benefits of the Koda 12 is its outdoor-friendly design.

This has to do with how well it can withstand different conditions including temperature changes, inclement weather, and more.

The durable stainless steel finish is perfect for those who want a top-tier pizza oven that’s easy to set up outdoors. This is not going to be bothered by the inclement conditions and is going to continue to make the pizza without a worry.

This is beneficial for those who are going to be camping outdoors and still want to eat pizza. Simply set this up and know it will continue to offer the type of value you want.

  • Refined Finish

The refined finish is a major plus for anyone that is thinking about going with a long-lasting pizza oven.

The stainless steel finish is rugged and can withstand a lot of pressure. This is ideal for anyone that is thinking about choosing a solution that is easy to set up and is not going to take up a lot of space.

With its 12″ surface, there is enough room for the pizza to cook easily. While the exterior of the pizza oven is robust and is not going to break down when it is being moved around.


The Breville Smart Pizza Oven

1. The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

  • Element IQ System

Breville has come out with a world-class Element IQ system, which ensures the cooking performance is fine-tuned based on what you require at that moment.

Each experience is going to be unique and that is the power of The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo by Breville. This oven has the capability of reading what is needed to evenly cook the pizza-making sure it tastes great with every bite.

This is what matters the most when it comes to finding an oven that will deliver value over the short and long term.

You can tap into this IQ system to get the pizza to taste great every time.

  • Base Charring for Even Results

There is a base charring set up available with The Smart Oven and it starts with heating elements inside. The elements can spread the heat evenly from one end to the other.

This is key when it comes to making sure the pizza comes out the way you want it to be.

A lot of pizza ovens don’t focus on this and can cause one end of the pizza to be aggressively warmed in comparison to the other. With this particular pizza oven, you won’t have to think about that as it will do it automatically.

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Portability Comparison

The Breville does have a compact design but it is not meant to be taken around from one place to the next. It should be kept at home as that will allow it to age gracefully and perform the way you want it to.

On the other hand, Ooni has taken the time to create outdoor-friendly pizza ovens that can be carried wherever you go.

Since their pizza ovens tend to weigh closer to 10 kg, this makes them a breeze to store in a car as you head outdoors. The exterior of these pizza ovens also does well in different conditions.

Taste Comparison

1. Wood-Fired Experience

It all starts with the wood-fired experience of the Breville, which gives it a unique taste that is evenly produced. Each bite is going to be consistent and that is powerful when looking to produce an impactful pizza that is going to taste great as soon as it is ready.

2. Real Wood

Ooni goes for a more authentic wood-burning experience as it allows you to switch between methods including using gas or real wood.

This is empowering when it comes to getting a more natural taste that is in line with what a person would expect when they are eating high-quality pizza.

Price Comparison

1. Ooni Pricing Options

2. Breville

  • The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo – $999.95


When it comes to choosing the right pizza oven, it’s important to compare the different positives. It’s not always going to be straightforward and you will have to assess each aspect to better understand what works for you.

Here is a little breakdown of what to look for when comparing these two brands.

You Should Pick Ooni if …

  • Choose the Right Sized Oven for You
  • Budget-Friendly Solution
  • Quick Cooking
  • Large Cooking Area
  • 3-Year Warranty

You Should Pick Breville if…

  • Wood-Fired Experience
  • All-In-One Solution
  • Multiple Presets
  • Durable Build
  • Active Deck Heating

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