Solo Stove vs Breeo: Tips for Picking the Right Smokeless Fire Pit for You

Solo Stove vs Breeo: Tips for Picking the Right Smokeless Fire Pit for You

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If you love the idea of sitting around a backyard fire pit with a group of friends or family on summer evenings, but hate the campfire smell that covers your clothes and hair afterwards, we have the perfect solution.

Did you know there are fire pits that are incredibly easy to start, generate a ton of heat, and best of all, put out almost zero smoke?

When it comes to picking an amazing smokeless fire pit, there are a few options you’ll have to consider when you begin your search. Two of the most popular are Solo Stove and Breeo, but how you can you decide which one is going to work best for you?

We’ve put Breeo and Solo Stove to the test – the winner?

Keep reading to see who comes out victorious…

Product Head-to-Head: What Do Solo Stove & Breeo Have to Offer?

Both Breeo and Solo Stove have a nice selection of smokeless fire pits, as well as some other products and accessories. In term of who brings more to the table, Solo Stove gets the slight edge for having the larger catalogue and more options to pick from, especially when it comes to their fire pits. With that said, let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from each company:

Solo Stove Catalog Overview

a fire burning in a Solo Stove Yukon

Solo Stove currently offers the following products for sale:

  • Fire Pits
  • Grill
  • Campt Stoves
  • Apparel

They have three main fire pits to choose from:

  • Yukon
  • Bonfire
  • Ranger

They only difference between their three fire pits is the size. If you’re looking for their biggest and best fire pit experience, then you’d want to opt for the Yukon.

The nice thing about Solo Stove, is they also offer super portable fire pits, which they call Camp Stoves. These are much more compact, and as the their name indicates, they’re perfect for bringing along on your next campout. They crank out the heat, so they’re perfect for keeping you warm, and great for cooking hotdogs and s’mores.

In addition their fire pits and camp stoves, Solo Stove also offers an awesome charcoal grill, and some great apparel and accessories.

Here’s a Quick Video of the Solo Stove in Action:

Breeo Catalog Overview

a fire burning in a black Breeo fire pit

Breeo also has an awesome selection of smoke-free fire pits, with several models and packages to pick from. In addition to their fire pits, they also offer a portable grill that can be used over the campfire, and some apparel.

Here’s a brief look at some of their current offerings:

Backyard Fire pits:

  • X Series
  • Double Flame
  • Zentro
  • Luexeve

All of their fire pits are available as standalone options, and then they also have several bundles available where you can cooking accessories and other options for your fire pit.

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The big difference between Breeo and Solo Stove when it comes to their fire pits, is that Breeo doesn’t offer a super portable fire pit option like Solo does, but other than that, you’ll be deciding between your style preference, their pricing options, and the type of fire pit experience you’re looking for.

Breeo does make a really cool fire pit insert that is designed to easily slide into an existing block or masonry fire pit.

Here’s a quick look at the Breeo in action:

See all the Breeo products and check prices at Amazon.

Is Breeo or Solo Stove Better for Cooking?

If a backyard cooking experience is what you’re after, both Breeo and Solo Stove have options to offer you.

With Breeo can you can purchase accessories that are designed to turn your fire pit into a unit for grilling. They also have a pot that can hang over your grill for cooking up soups and stews.

Solo Stove, on the other hand, has a different option for cooking – their Solo Stove Grill. Their grill is designed to take your charcoal experience to the next level, and actually makes cooking with charcoal easy. They’re currently offering a pretty great bundle package, with every thing you need to get started – see their latest grill bundle at their website.

So to answer the question, it depends on the type of cooking experience you’re after. We’d say both the Solo and Breeo cooking experiences have a lot to offer, and their are great options at their websites for everyone.

Which Fire Pit Offer the Better Smoke-Free Experience?

When put head-to-head, we can honestly say it’s apples to apples when it comes to whether or Breeo or Solo Stove generates less smoke. They’ve both perfected this process, and no matter which fire pit you pick, you should be able to enjoy your time around the fire pit without suffocating in smoke.

Pricing Head-to-Head: Is Breeo or Solo Stove More Affordable?

One of the final factors for you to consider when it comes to choose between the Breeo or Solo Stove will be the price. Both of Breeo and Solo Stove are pretty expensive, but you do get what you pay for – a high-quality and enjoyable smokeless fire pit experience. They’re both built to last, and you should be able to enjoy them for many years to come, no matter which company you choose.

Here’s a quick look at some of the pricing options Breeo and Solo Stove offer:

Solo Stove Pricing Options

  • Yukon Fire Pit: Normally $599.99 – Currently Discounted to $474.99
  • Bonfire Fire Pit: Normally $349.99 – Currently Discounted to $284.99
  • Ranger Fire Pit: Normally $269.99 – Currently Discounted to $194.99
  • Grill Bundle: Normally $774.99 – Currently Discounted to $574.99
  • Camp Stoves: Start as low as $64.99

*These prices and discounts were current at the time of publication, but are subject to change at any time – see current Solo Stove prices at their website.

Breeo Pricing Options

  • Breeo X Series 19: Starts at $399
  • Breeo X Series 24: Starts at $599
  • Breeo X Series 24 Firemaster Package (with cooking accessories): Starts at $1,099
  • Luxe Fire Pit Series: Start at $1,425

As you can see, Breeo is more expensive when it comes to their overall price. Both Breeo and Solo Stove do offer financing options, but if you’re simply looking for the more affordable smokeless fire pit, Solo Stove appears to take the edge.

Summary: Breeo or Solo Stove for Win?

In the end, your decision between Breeo and Solo Stove will most likely come down to the style of fire pit you’re looking for, where you plan to use it, and how much you want to spend.

In terms of portability and price, I’d give the Solo Stove the slight edge. They have models that are specifically designed for camping, but even their bigger stoves are portable enough to load up and take along on a campout.

Ultimately though, you’ll have to decide which features and pricing options each company offers and then you can decide which of these awesome fire pit will work best for you.