Bowflex C6 vs C7: Tips for Picking the Right Bike for You

Bowflex C6 vs C7: Tips for Picking the Right Bike for You

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Bowflex is a well-known brand in the fitness industry constantly reinventing and innovating for consumers. Therefore, it’s no wonder if you find yourself looking at a Bowflex for your next exercise bike. After all, they’ve built such a strong brand with quality products that consumers can trust.

The biggest question is which product offering of theirs to consider.

With the C7 being released, you might be struggling to figure out if it’s worth the extra cost over its predecessor. Nautilus, Inc (Bowflex’s parent company) surveyed fitness customers and made a few tweaks based on the results [1]. If you are struggling to pick between the Bowflex C6 and the Bowflex C7, you should be able to decide at the end of this article.

Features Compare: Key Differences Between the C6 and C7

Bowflex C6 Different Features

an side profile of the Bowflex C6

  • Backlit LCD Metric Console

The Bowflex C6 is much more of a no-frills exercise bike. Therefore, you don’t get an integrated touchscreen included. Instead, you get a backlit LCD metric console that you can use to get the stats of your workouts. You’ll have the ability to track all of the important metrics of your workouts including but not limited to your time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and cadence.

Bowflex C7 Different Features

a side profile of the C7

  • 7-Inch HD Touchscreen

This is one of the most prominent differences you’ll find in the older Bowflex C6 model and the newer Bowflex C7 model. The new C7 includes a high-quality 7-inch high-definition touchscreen. Therefore, you can connect with the Peloton app, Swift app, or other apps that can get a similar experience. You also can get a JRNY membership and stream all of your favorite shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. The display comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers that can give you an excellent and immersive riding or viewing experience.

  • WiFi Connectivity

As mentioned, the main differences have to do with the experience the user has on the bike. Because there is a tablet integrated into the bike, it needs to have WiFi connectivity. This means you can stream directly from the tablet and access applications that require the Internet.

  • JRNY Compatible

The JRNY experience is only available on the newer C7. With JRNY, the user can take advantage of streaming endless amounts of content and accessing personalized workouts. That is because it has the necessary Internet capabilities that the C6 doesn’t have. Bowflex wanted to create a bike that offered the best-in-class user experience that JRNY is capable of delivering [1]. The workouts that are offered by JRNY are designed using machine learning and they are based on an initial fitness assessment that adjusts as the user continues to progress with their fitness journey. While you can get a similar experience with the C6 and a compatible tablet, it’s not as seamless.

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Tips for Deciding Which Bike is Best for You

1. Do You Have a Compatible Tablet?

This is one of the more important questions you should be asking yourself. If you have an existing tablet that you want to use and that you can use, you might not see any benefits towards spending the extra money for the newer model. As mentioned, there are very few changes apart from the integrated touchscreen display. Keep in mind, the C6 bike can only work with iOS for now. While Bowflex does indicate that Android is coming at a later date, you don’t want to count on support for a currently unsupported device. Thus, unless you have an iOS device, I wouldn’t count on using the JRNY app with an unsupported bike (C6) [2].

2. Do You Want A JRNY Membership?

If you want a JRNY membership and you think you will be using it frequently, you might want to spend the extra money on the newer Bowflex C7. The C7 has full JRNY integration and the entire bike was built to optimize the experience you get from it. Therefore, you are getting the top-of-the-line experience that JRNY has to offer with the C7 model.

3. Do You Already Own a Bowflex C6?

If you already own a Bowflex C6, there is little to no reason to upgrade. While the upgrade is certainly worth considering choosing if you don’t have a Bowflex bike, it’s more iterative than anything. It is entirely skippable if you already have the Bowflex C6 because of how feature-packed that bike was.

4. Do You Want a Peloton-Like Experience?

This is something that can make the decision very easy for you. If you want a more Peloton-like experience, the C7 model is for you. The C7 features an integrated display with speakers that will deliver the kind of experience you would normally get with a Peloton bike. Therefore, it’s tailored for those who want something that delivers an immersive and connected experience on all fronts. The C6 model is for those who want to shave some money off the total purchase price and who might have a tablet they want to use.

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5. Do You Want To Save Money?

For those on a budget, the C6 is the model to go for. The C6 offers nearly everything you get with the newer C7 model except for the integrated display. Some will find the extra $200 price point worth it and some will want to pocket those savings.

Do Both the C6 and C7 Work with the Peloton App?

One of the selling points for the original Bowflex C6 was its brand-agnostic appeal. They touted the bike as being compatible with a range of different third-party fitness apps. This hasn’t changed and isn’t going to change anytime soon. With both the C6 and the C7, you get full compatibility with other third-party fitness apps like the ever-so-popular Peloton app. The C7 makes it easier to sync up with these third-party apps with WiFi connectivity built-in. However, you can achieve the same thing on the C6 as long as you have a mobile device that you can use with it.

Price Comparison: Is the C6 or C7 Cheaper?

  • Bowflex C6 = $999
  • Bowflex C7 = $1,199

*Prices current at the time of publication – see most up-to-date prices at Bowflex website

Summary: Final Tips for Picking the Right Bike

Overall, both of these models produced by Bowflex are worthy of consideration. There is a big reason a lot of consumers are flocking to Bowflex’s exercise bikes over Peloton bikes. Not only do they provide the same good build-quality, but they offer a lot of the same features you would normally find in a Peloton at a fraction of the price.

Best of all, they offer compatibility with third-party fitness apps. Whereas, you get locked into an ecosystem when you buy a Peloton or other closed-off brand.

The biggest thing you need to figure out is whether or not an integrated 7-inch high-definition display is worth spending the extra $200. Those who already have a compatible tablet (iPad), they will likely find it’s not worth the extra money.

For those who either don’t have a compatible tablet or who don’t want to use their tablet for their exercise bike workouts and entertainment, the extra $200 can be a relative bargain.

You Should Buy a C6 If…

  • You have an iPad that you can use for the JRNY app and entertainment
  • You want to save money
  • You don’t want to pay for the JRNY subscription
  • You don’t care about having the latest and greatest

You Should Buy a C7 If…

  • You want a dedicated tablet on your exercise bike
  • You want the latest and greatest
  • You don’t mind spending more on an integrated high definition display
  • You plan on using JRNY to its fullest potential

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