mSpy vs Bark: What’s Better for Cell Phone Tracking?

mSpy vs Bark: What’s Better for Cell Phone Tracking?

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Putting a cell phone in your kids’ hands is a big step, and brings with it a lot of questions, concern, and trepidation. Am I giving it to them too soon? Are they going to be safe? How can I keep track of what they’re doing?

While the decision of when, and if, to give your child their first cell phone is a personal one, there are some steps you can take to ensure their safety once you’ve made the decision.

Cell phone tracking software is one of the best ways to keep taps of their smartphone activity, and two of the biggest names in the industry are Bark and mSpy, but which one should you choose?

In the article, we’ll be comparing mSpy vs. Bark, so you can get a better idea of what each one brings to the table, how much they cost, and which one is going to be your best match.

Our team of tech experts have put these two tracking softwares to the test – which one wins? Keep reading to find out:

mSpy vs Bark: Tracking and Features Head-to-Head

While both Bark and mSpy bring a lot to the table, they both work a little different, so let’s first take a look at their features and tracking capabilities, so if there’s once that may work better for you when compared to the other. We’ll start with Bark:

Bark Features and Tracking Overview

the Bark app on a Kindle Fire and iPhone

Since Bark (read review) first launched they say they’ve helped protect more than 5.2 million children, prevented 16 school shootings, and prevented 75,000 self-harm situations- those are some pretty impressive numbers. So how have they done all that?

Here’s a rundown of how and what they track:

  • Works with Android and Apple Devices
  • Tracks More Than 30 Platforms
  • Track Text Messages
  • Emails
  • Social Activity: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Get Automatic Alerts via Text and Email when Bark’s Algorithm Detects Potential Problems
  • Manage Screen Time: You can decide when your kids get access to the internet or other apps on their devices
  • Keep tabs of everything using the Bark dashboard on your device or computer

Here’s a look at how Bark can help you keep better track of your kids’ phone activity: 

mSpy Features and Tracking Overview

a girl uses here phone with the mSpy tracking in place

mSpy (read review) says their cell phone tracking software is the number 1 choice for parents looking for device control for their kids.

Here’s a look at what mSpy offers:

  • Works with Apple and Android devices
  • View all incoming, outgoing, and deleted texts
  • Monitor call history
  • Access most popular apps: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Track GPS location of your child’s device
  • Easy to install
  • App is not visible on target device – works in background
  • Monitor everything via mSpy dashboard

Here’s a look at how mSpy can bring you more piece of mind…

Do Both mSpy and Bark Send Automatic Monitoring Alerts?

As you can see, both mSpy and Bark have a lot to offer, and put you in control when it comes to keeping tabs of your children’s cell phone activities. As far as we can tell, Bark is a bit more sophisticated, and has a few advanced features that you may appreciate when compared to mSpy.

mSpy does alert parents when certain keywords are searched for online, but Bark’s alerts appear to be a bit more comprehensive.

Two of the biggest advantages that put Bark ahead in this category?

  • They have an algorithm that automatically detects and alerts you of potentially harmful activities. This means you don’t have to constantly be monitoring their activity.
  • You can manage your child’s screen time: Decide when and if they can use the internet, have access to apps, and which websites they can and cannot visit.

mSpy has some These are two big advantages, in my opinion. Want to learn more?

Pricing Compare: Is Bark or mSpy Cheaper?

Another factor that may help you decide if Bark or mSpy is the better choice for your tracking needs is the price for each app. While their pricing plans are fairly comparable, they both offer different plans and pricing tiers that are worth examining.

Bark Pricing Options

  • Bark Jr: $5 per Month or $49 per Year
  • Bark: $14 per Month or $99 per Year

Bark offers two plans – their Bark Jr. plan is basically for people who just want to limit their child’s screen time, control which websites they can visit, and monitor their location. If you want to track everything we’ve detailed above, then you’ll want the regular Bark plan at $14 per month or $99 per year.

Check current Bark pricing options – free trial currently being offered.

mSpy Pricing Options

mSpy offers a basic version of their app, and premium version. As is the case with Bark, you get a limited version of mSpy if you opt for their Basic version. If you want access to all of their features, then we recommend opting for their premium service. You can save money by paying for more months up front. Here’s a look at their pricing tiers:

The best deal you can get on mSpy is by paying for full year up front. If you’re planning to track cell phone activity over an extended period of time, it may be worth it to opt for the yearly package. Another option is to try mSpy for a month, and then upgrade to the yearly plan if you decide you like it.

Summary: Is Bark or mSpy Better?

When it comes to tracking your child’s smartphone activity, it’s good to know you have great options to pick from. At the end of the day, both Bark and mSpy can get the job done. You can’t go wrong either way, honestly, it just comes down to the features and pricing options you’re looking for.

In my opnion, Bark takes the edge as being the slightly more complete option, and there a couple of reasons why:

  • They send you automatic alerts if your child is up to something potentially dangerous
  • This means you don’t have to constantly monitor their activity
  • You can control your child’s screen time, as well as limit which apps and websites they use
  • Their pricing is slightly more affordable f
  • They offer a 7-day free trial

Think Bark sounds like a good fit?